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Why you should cut back on sugar By Evarie Johnson


Have you ever found yourself consuming to much sugar ? And had gotten depressed or maybe even have health issues ? Consuming to much sugar can cause high blood pressure. And no one wants to have an unhealthy body

To Make people Healthier

You may think that sugar isn't that bad but after reading this just may change the way you eat and don't ever think that consuming to much is bad in your life but you could now put yourself at high risk of stroke and heart disease.When thinking of health, consuming to much sugar can cause depression ,anxiety,and also mood swings having theses problems can affect daily lives which can hurt your life style. Juices contain just as much sugar as a soda dose and consuming so much will make you unhappy and maybe even miserable and no one wants to have days like that. So watch how you spend your money and also watch how you consume liquids.

It's so much Cheaper

You probably have never thought about how much money the average person spends yearly. Each year a person can spend up to $ 1,092 dollars on pop and sugary items In a persons daily life. And also speaking of pops an average person consumes 11.2 cans of pop and is also equal to 582 cans total spending this much can cause a beating to your pocket. However one 20 ounce pop can of pop contains 16 teaspoons of sugar. Most people spend up to 1,100 dollars on coffee which is just as much as pop. As people think of how much they spend changes people's thoughts and emotions towards sugary things. And after consuming so much sugar every single day that sugar will start to act like a toxin to your liver and doing this to your body can really cause a beating to yourself.

Making people happy

While cutting back on sugar you can lower risks of cavities for all children which will leave your kids with a happy and beautiful smile. While consuming to much sugar like sweetners can cause weight gain and cancer. This is why sugar can be so horrible for us when consuming sugar. Just remember that naturally occurring sugars are better that added sugars. Added sugars can be harmful to your body and everyone loves to have a happy and healthy body so if you want to Make yourself look and feel better just watch what you consume and how much you consume it might just change your life.
Consuming to much sugar is bad for your health and the way you are. When thinking about cutting back on sugar you should always think of the good things like making yourself healthier, It's cheaper , and definitely having yourself happy with the eh way you are and how you look. So hopefully you could make a change with yourself so for a start let's cut back on sugars shall we.


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