Okanagan Explosion


History of mining in the okanagan


In 1833 Gold was discovered in the Okanagan by David Douglas a Scottish botanist that was collecting specimens for the HBC, he kept his discoveries to himself. gold was also found in places such as Mission creek, Belgo creek, rock creek, bear creek, okanagan lake, and Fraser river.


The gold rush made people want to come to the Okanagan and ranchers followed to feed them, this was important because later on they would settle which created the community of Kelowna.

Role of Brigade Trail

The Okanagan fur brigade trail was originally used by fur trader for transportation and went along key trade points but after the fur trade started to dwindle in 1847 the trail became a vital link from the south to north of BC and a key network of transportation routes for the miners to use.

Early European Profile

Early History

Edgar Dewdney was a British engineer, Canadian surveyor, politician, and road builder born in Devon shire, England, emigrating from England to British Columbia in 1859


He was employed as a surveyor, and supervised the survey of New Westminster In 1865, he was to oversee the construction of a trail to the east kootenays so merchants could benefit from the gold rush.

Early Accomplishments

-He was a member of Prime Minister John A MacDonalds Cabinet

-He was the Indian Commissioner during his term as lieutenant governor.

Accomplishments in Okanagan Valley

Had the pronominal "the honorable" and the post nominal "PC" for life by virtue of being made a member of the queens privy council for Canada on September 25.

Legacy today

-A major east west street in Regina, Dewdney Avenue, is named after him.

-A community, Dewdney, BC named after him.

-Last mountain lake a bird sanctuary established in 1887, was created on Dewdneys Recommendation.

Driving Question

What was the impact of the early Europeans on the growth and development of the Okanagan valley?

The impact Edgar Dewdney had on the growth of the Okanagan valley was that during the gold rushes he was commissioned to supervise and oversee the construction of a trail to the east Kootenay region so that merchants may benefit from the trade associated with gold mining. He also secured a line of communication with the region to prevent an american takeover. He also served as an Indian commissioner and taught natives how to farm in order to survive when meat and animals where scarce.

Interesting Facts

-Edgar was lieutenant governor of the North West Territories

-The trail that was made now known as the "Dewdney trail" is used as a hiking trail today.