My life in California

Hey Savanaya!

Currie Middle School rocks!

Currie Middle School is the best because we have school activities and school dances. The dances are made from a holiday like halloween or christmas. We also have the best principal in our school named Mr. Fineburge. He is awesome because he greets us and make us smile when we are feeling sad. Also our teachers makes funny jokes when we are bored. We also have a class that has free time to do extra homework called den. That is how Currie Middle School is the best. We also have cheerleaders. I am one of the cheerleaders. We also have special ed kids. If you don't know what a special ed is, a kid who is very sick and need special needs. Also our mascot is a cougar.

Califofrnia is a good place!

California is a good place because there is no storms, but it is really hot there. Sometime it rains or gets really cold. There is a lot to discover in California.

We are currie middle schoolers!

Currie kids do work hard but we have some too. We also help other things like turn in money to buy gift for other kids could have gifts and be happy.