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Animal abuse is occurring more often then it should. Puppy mills and other forms of abuse are popping up all over the country.

What are the different forms of animal abuse?

One of the most common forms of abuse is adopting an animal then physically harming it. Such as hitting the animal with a baseball bat, cooking pans, etc.

Another way that is commonly ignored is puppy mills. The workers at puppy mills tend to trap the dogs into tiny wire cages to prevent dogs from getting the freedom to move around and exercise.

Factory farm industries are another big problem. Livestock is extremely mistreated before they are slaughtered. Even though it is hard to get law enforcement to recognize the harm that is being done, and arrest the abusers, we will find a way to stop these people and protect the innocent animals.

Another form of animal abuse is abusing an animal to mentally harm a victim of domestic violence. The abuser will harm or threaten to harm the animal in order to force the women to stay.

10 ways to prevent animal abuse

-know who to contact if you are a witness

-get to know the animals in your area

-don't be afraid to make the call

-provide as much information as possible to the rescuers

-contact your local law enforcement

-fight for passage of strong anti-cruelty

-set good examples for others by treating your pets respectfully

-talk to your family about how to treat animals

-support local shelters/animal rescue organizations

-start a neighborhood watch program

Do something before its to late!

Take a stand and do what you think is best!