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The FSEB Changes its Policy

The FSEB changes its Policies on what it means to be human. Recently many people went on strike to increase the percentage of what it means to be human, and the FSEB has finally agreed that each individual is allowed 99% of bio gel. Bio gel can support you until you are 110 years old and then your life will be dependent of natural causes. There will be no special treatment for anyone no matter who you are. Everyone will be given an unlimited amount of help as long as the don't exceed the limit. If you are already over the age of 110, you will not receive any bio gel. If people live longer than 110 with the support of bio gel, the cycle of human life will be unbalanced and the earth will not be able to provide us with energy and natural resources. Anyone who breaks the law will not be supported by bio gel any longer and anyone else that was involved will have their bio gel support limit decreased to 85 years. This system is more efficient than the previous one because it allows more people to live longer even after severe accidents. If anyone disagrees with the law will be arrested for a 1 year time period. The FSEB agrees that you are human as long as you at least have 1% of your human body.

Exclusive Interview With Jenna Angeline Fox

Researchers have met with Jenna Angeline Fox to get an exclusive inner look on the book “The Adoration of Jenna Fox” so Jenna can share her breathtaking experience with the world.

CT: What was it like to wake after such a long time period?
JF: It was very shocking to understand what was going on at first. The worst part would probably not remembering my family, friends, And myself. I didn't know where to go from there. I felt lost and worthless, but mostly curious. Every day I would improve, but that made me wonder if improving really is a good thing.I learned how one accident can change your entire life in practically minutes.

CT: Why were you so eager to go to school?
JF: I really wanted to go to school because I wanted a life. I wanted to be like everyone else, and I couldn't do that without education, and more importantly friends. I was desperate to make friends who will support me and honestly tell me what I am doing wrong, and always be by my side no matter what.

CT: How did your relationship with Lily change as time went on?
JF : I think the biggest change that went on between me and lily was that we got a little more comfortable with each other and we could open up and talk to each other without a problem. I think Lily was the one who understood me the most because she helped me through my problems.

CT: Why were Kara and Locke so important to you?
JF: They were best friends. We had been together for so long and then suddenly they are gone. At times I feel guilty for what happened to them. If I had thought just once before giving them the keys, my whole entire life would be different and so would theirs. I still hear them in my head, and I like to listen to their voices because it assures me that they are with me.

CT: What were your true feelings about Ethan and Dane?
JF: I thought that Ethan was very trustworthy. I could somewhat relate to Ethan. I could share anything with him and he would do the same. He made me feel like I belong in the world. He was the best thing that happened to me after the accident. Dane makes me curious. I still don’t know what was wrong with him, all I knew was that he was jealous of Ethan and for some reason he wanted to be better then him. Ethan and I never really talked about him that much. When I think of him, I think off an empty soul.

CT: How did you feel when you found out that you were made of bio gel?
JF: It was absolutely horrifying. I felt like a freakish monster. I felt worthless. At first I thought that I was finally moving on, but then knowing about my self really pushed me back. I didn't know what to do from that point on. The worst part was being illegal. I felt cheated by my parents because they weren't honest with me and also because they didn't let me die. Latter on I learned that they just loved me too much to let go but, it was still a lot of pressure.

CT: Were you mad at Allys when you found out she told her parents?
JF: Surprisingly, I was not mad at Allys because if I was her I would have done the same thing. I was not scared about what was going to happen next, I was just curious. I didn’t really care that I might be arrested or killed.I had much better things to worry about. I only cared about Allys is health at the time. Ethan was very concerned for me and he even said that we should run away, but I kind of wanted to see what would happen.

CT: What is it like to be older than 260 years?
JF: It is not bad, but at times it can be slightly boring. For 70 years I enjoyed my life with Ethan and now I plan on living my last few years with my beautiful daughter Kayla and my friend Allys.

CT: Describe your relationship with Mr. Bender?
JF: Mr. Bender was one of my first friends after my accident. I remember when I first met him like it was yesterday. I could always talk to Mr. Bender freely. We both knew each other's deepest secrets. I could relate to Mr. Bender because we both had identity problems. He also came in handy when I needed to use his net book.

CT: What are your thoughts about the point system?

JF: Now that I am a parent, I have realized that what my parents did was just because they loved me too much to let go, so I think that the point system should increase the percentage of bio gel allowed because I know what its like to feel illegal and I don’t want anyone to feel that way.

Jenna Angeline Fox

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Kara Manning

Kara Manning: Kara was an amazing girl who accomplished many things throughout her life. She died during a severe car accident followed by 140 feet drop down a steep incline. The car accident caused Kara to go into a head trauma so researchers couldn't get much detail about the accident. Kara die 3 weeks after the accident when her parents took her off life support. She died at the age of 17. She will dearly be missed.

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Locke Jenkins

Locke Jenkins: Locke was a wonderful man who had done many wonderful things throughout his life. He was a passenger of the same car crash as Kara Manning and Jenna Fox. The car accident cause Locke to be unconscious so he could not give researchers details about the car accident. Locke died 2 weeks after the accident without regaining consciousness. He died at the age of 16. Locke will dearly be missed.
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