OPL Literacy Playlist

Time, Choice, and Access to Read (and Write)

A Playlist for Intermediate and Secondary ELA Classrooms

This collection is a curated list of resources centered around a literacy concept.

“The more one reads, the more one learns about the people and happenings of our world. This increased volume of reading [and writing] is essential.” - Allington, 2014

NCTE Position Statement on Independent Reading

The NCTE Position Statement on Independent Reading is a revision of the previous statement on leisure reading. We believe leisure implies that this reading is solely for entertainment and does not impact long-term reading success. Research supports that independent reading has the most significant impact on student success in reading, but unfortunately it is a practice that is often replaced with other programs and interventions (Lewis & Samuels, 2002). This revision provides a definition of independent reading, explains the benefits of independent reading and its necessity as a protected time in the classroom, shares core values surrounding the instructional practice of independent reading, as well as guidelines and suggested best practices for educational stakeholders (teachers, administrators, and community partners). A list of resources and further research is also provided.

What Are You Reading?

Listen to Penny Kittle and Kelly Gallagher discuss how reading conferences help us know our readers and develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of independence. The start of the video is a conversation between the authors on what they are currently reading and writing.
Day 24 April 16, 2020

Encouraging and Empowering Readers

Are you looking for ways to encourage and empower readers and writers? Consider this blog by The Teaching Factor. It explores daily practices of reading, writing, creating, and sharing to support your students' learning tomorrow.
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Developing depth, stamina, and passion in adolescent readers

How does your classroom and school culture affirm that independent reading is inherently important instructional time for all readers?

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