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One Internet

Penning Your Success Story

Is your pitch armed with a black swan idea? Do you dare to break the mould and identify unknown needs? Do you have a crazy idea backed with technology? You like destructive innovation?

If the rejoinder is yes, then your characteristics are aligned with what we are looking for.

Addressing your requisites:

One Internet provides an affordable venue in the hub of Delhi – Connaught Place- for startups to work with a supportive community.

Apart from the obvious – luxurious infrastructure, high speed internet, reception, IT, HR, legal, conference room usage, admin support – One Internet will also be offering free programs allowing local business owners to develop new skills. Free of cost workshops will be provided on digital marketing, understanding your customer, how to pitch etc.

In addition, twice a year, co-workers will be given an opportunity to pitch their ideas to the in-house investors.

At One Internet, we enable startups to absorb our entrepreneurial knowledge and investment experience. So, that they enter the business world with a bang, sail swiftly through the uncertain dynamics of the market, venture into the untapped segments and write a success story.

The technology sector proudly sees us as the 'Pillars of Strength' for a plethora of Internet - based business models. One Internet is proudly the backbone for copious software projects, web services, gaming and SaaS services.

We are a group of young individuals eagerly waiting to craft success stories with like-minded people.

Come to us for:

•Seed Funding

•Venture Capital Funds


•Virtual Office Space

•Shared Resources

•Co-working spaces

Our objective is to be a valuable partner in your online start-up journey whilst providing funds (seed or capital), consulting, office space, human resources and quality vendors at the best possible rates.

Our faith lies in workable ideas. If you have envisioned your idea as pathbreaking and it matches are hunches about the market then we are here for you. We master the art of combining your expertise with ours and producing a desired output within the requisite time frame.

Allow us to pen your success story!!

Our differentiating factors:

• The consumer behavior is always under our scanner.

• A brilliant internet based idea is the sole entry ticket to our world. Once

inside, we add value to your idea with funding, infrastructure,

resources and consulting.

• A platform is created for you to network, share thoughts and seek guidance from the entrepreneur and investor communities.

• Once your team starts building up, expand with us at zero fixed cost.