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Term 3, Week 7

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Principal's Message

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome to our Week 7 newsletter. I have been very proud over the past few weeks as I have visited our classrooms to talk to students about their learning. Our teachers have been focusing on building high expectations and using explicit teaching and effective feedback to ensure that all classes have high quality learning taking place in their rooms. I have loved talking to students about their learning and their learning goals. I was so impressed with our Stage 3 students who were particularly articulate in knowing what they were learning, how they were going and how to improve in their learning. Our teachers are working very hard to embed evidence-based practices into their teaching and this is benefiting our students immensely.

Year 3 and 5 Checkin and Phonics test for Stage 1

This year, due to COVID, NAPLAN was cancelled. To gather additional assessment data and 'check in' on our students learning progress compared to other classes and schools across the state our school is completing the online Checkin assessments for Reading and Mathematics in Year 3 and 5 and a Phonics checkin for Stage 1. These assessments will be used by our teachers to compare with our school assessment data and to identify areas of learning need to inform future planning. We have been very proud of our students who are showing grit and determination during these online assessments.

Focus Groups

As we are commencing our whole school evaluation processes to inform future directions for our 2021 - 2024 School Improvement Plan we are seeking your feedback. Mrs Lloyd will be coordinating some Zoom focus group meetings. We really value your input so that we can put in place plans to make our school even greater. Please see the invitation from Mrs Lloyd below.

COVID update

Thank you to our families for your amazing support of our school. Social distancing at our gates is becoming a common practice and we thank you all for helping to keep our school community safe. Just a few reminders:

  • All students who are suffering from cold or flu like symptoms MUST stay home and get tested. Students will need to provide a negative COVID test result to be permitted to return to school.
  • Regular hand washing and use of hand sanitiser is encouraged. At school our students use soap and water to wash their hands regularly throughout the day. Hand sanitiser is also available.
  • Our students are kept in grade/stage groups throughout the day while learning and meeting at gate.
  • Contact sports are not permitted so our teachers are being creative and teaching our students lots of fun, modified games.
  • High touch surfaces are cleaned regularly by our two new cleaners who work throughout the day as well as our two regular cleaners who work before and after school. We are so thankful to our wonderful cleaners for the amazing job that they do.

PBL Message

Our PBL message for the past two weeks was to use kind words. I have been so proud to see and hear our wonderful students showing kindness and consideration of others. Kindness is such a wonderful thing, it costs nothing and makes such a difference to our world.

Modelling Respectful Behaviour

While the vast majority of our school community is simply amazing and supportive, I need to give a timely reminder that we are always role models to our children. Bad language and abusive behaviour will not be tolerated around our school. Thank you for ensuring that everyone always models respectful behaviour and treats others with kindness and respect.


Last week our school celebrated SASS week. This is a time that we celebrate and show our appreciation for our amazing office staff, School Learning Support Officers and General Assistants. We are so fortunate at Prestons to have an amazing team who care for our students and work alongside our teachers to truely make a difference to every child.

Have a wonderful week and don't forget to ask your child what they are learning.

Liz Van Der Meulen


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Dates to Remember

3/9/2020-Book Club orders due

17--22/9/2020 - Book Fair

25/9/2020 - Last day of term

Book Club - Issue 6

Issue 6 Brochures have been issued to students. Orders are due back to the office by 3/09/2020

Book Fair 2020

Thursday 17th September to Tuesday 22nd September

Reading for pleasure unlocks the power of information and imagination and helps children discover who they are. Here’s what you can do to help children develop stronger reading skills and a love for reading:

· Set the example. Let children see you read.

· Have a collection of books in your home. Update this collection routinely to keep up

with changing tastes and reading skills.

· Support our school’s Book Fair. Allow your children to choose their own books

to read.

The Scholastic Book Fair is a reading event that brings the books kids want to read right into our school. It’s a wonderful selection of engaging and affordable books for every reading level.

Book Fair dates / Shopping hours: Shopping hours are for students only as parents are unable to be on school grounds at the moment.

Thursday 17th September 8.45am – 9.00am 11.10 am –11.35am

Friday 18th September 8.45am – 9.00am 11.10 am –11.35am

Monday 21st September 8.45am – 9.00am 11.10 am –11.35am

Tuesday 22nd September 8.45am – 9.00am 11.10 am –11.35am

How to Order

1. Student to visit the Book Fair

2. Student to choose items (Items will be held for 1 day awaiting payment)

3. Student to bring home order form

4. Parent to approve order and organise payment

5. Order form returned to the office with payment details

6. Preferred payments are Eftpos or Credit Card

(we will accept cash – to keep cash handling to a minimum, please send the exact amount in a sealed envelope)

* PLEASE NOTE: Items will only be held for 1 day while awaiting payment*

We look forward to seeing students at our Book Fair! Remember, all purchases benefit our school.

Calling All Parents!!!

Mrs Lloyd is wishing to hold focus groups to gather information to assist in planning our future strategic directions. Due to Covid restrictions, group conversations will be held online via Zoom. If you are willing to participate please contact the school via email, phone or facebook. Mrs Lloyd will be in contact with you shortly after.

Phone: 9602 7435

Facebook: Prestons Public School DEC Pages


Opportunity Class Placement Test - Yr 4 students who applied

As a result of the most recent advice from NSW Health, the Opportunity Class Placement Test has been rescheduled to 18 November 2020.

Tests will be administered in the students' own schools and high schools won't be used as test centres this year.

Further details will be provided as soon as they are available.


Due to current health concerns it would be preferred that payments be made by Eftpos. However, we understand that this is not always possible.

Parent Online Payments (POP)

We will have a new online payment method linked to the schools website to make it easier for you to pay for school related payments.

The POP payment method will go live on 4th September 2020. This is a secure payment page hosted by Westpac.

Expenses such as excursions ,sport, voluntary school contributions and others will be able to be paid using POP.

More information will be sent in the following weeks.

Student Absent Notes

Parents are requested to notify the school of their child's absence on the first day they return to school after their absence.

Notification can be made by sending a signed note to the office, medical certificate, submitting a notification via the Skoolbag App or by telephoning the office.

Absent notification via seesaw will not be accepted.

Kindergarten 2021

We are now accepting enrolments for Kindergarten 2021.

Children who turn 5 by the 31st July 2021 are eligible to enrol for Kindergarten 2021.

Enrolment forms can be collected from the administration office.

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Meet our wonderful Stage 1 Teachers

PBL Focus Use Kind Words

Thank you to all the PBL token recipients that demonstrated the PBL focus “USE KIND WORDS”. Congratulations to the award winners who received a Star Award from their stage draw.

Kindergarten: Lana

Year 1: Ashay

Year 2: Shanvi

Year 3: William

Year 4 : Abdou

Year 5/6 : Chelsea & Jawaydan

Classroom Chat with K Wallabies

K Wallabies have been working hard this term! We have been developing our phonic knowledge and have been practising stretching out our words when reading and writing. We have been learning that sounds can be made by different letter combinations and have been focusing on vowels and double letters.

We have also been learning about three-dimensional shapes and enjoyed attempting to make different shapes using paddle pop sticks, In maths we have been learning to count on and are developing matchsticks and plasticine.

Learning with Ms Kinnavong

K-2 students have been learning how to read and they are doing an amazing job! From sounding out their letters to making whole words, they played rhyming games and matching games which developed their skills in reading and writing. With all the tools they need to become great readers and writers, you can just see how much they look their books now! Be sure to keep reading with them and you’ll see them shine!

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A Message from the Enviromental Ministers

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Environmental Ministers Announcement

Prestons Public School is always finding creative ways to encourage recycling. We are encouraging students and the Prestons community to bring in a bag of their container recycling every Friday morning to receive a raffle ticket. Bring your recycling to the Box Road gates on Friday from 8.30am. Every fortnight students K-2 and 3-6 will have a chance to win some amazing prizes such as, lunch with the principal, stationary prizes, books, free time, canteen vouchers, and much, much more. The prizes will be chosen by a lucky dip and the more you recycle the more chance you have to win! Money raised will go towards purchasing play boards for the playground and new soccer nets for the soccer goals.
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