benefits of physical activity

by: Abby D

Mental heath

Exercising can help clear the mind, for example cardio such as taking a jog can help your body releases a chemical called endorphin's. Endorphins makes you feel happy and can block any feelings of pain.

Physical health

Exercising can help you reach your goals, whether it's toning your body or just to be healthy. For example some of the benefits are reducing the risk of diseases, being able to control your weight, strengthen your bones and muscles, it can also increase your chances of living longer.

Social health

Your social health can also improve by exercising. For example exercising reduces anxiety and depression by having more endorphins released than normal. Exercising can also help your social life with your friends and family, the endorphins make you happy which helps you be positive and helps your self-esteem.

Emotional health

Exercising is important for your emotional health, exercising can give you a quick boost of energy and relieve stress. Being physical can also help you feel better about your self, for example being fit can help peoples self-esteem by reaching their goals, the endorphines can also get rid or anger and sadness helping your emotional health.

Other benefits

  • Better sleep
  • more energy in throughout your day
  • stronger bones and muscles
  • better immune system
  • less stress and anger