By: Claire Concha

Land of Aruba

Aruba is located 15 miles north of Venezuela, in the southern part of the Caribbean. Some physical feature are Eagle beach, Mt. Yamanota, and Palm beach. The capital of Aruba is Oranjestand. Major cities in Aruba are Babijn, Oranjestad, Angochi, and Arasji these are the most populated cities in Aruba.

History and Political Information in Aruba

Aruba was ruled by 3 different different people the Spanish, the Dutch, and now the Netherlands. Aruba never had independence, the king is Willem-Alexander, the prime minister is Mark Rutte.

The economy in Aruba

The currency in Aruba is Aruba florin, the economic system is communism. The type of government is parliamentary democracy.

Why should I visit Aruba? What should I see and do?

People should visit Aruba because of its pristine beaches, amazing parks, and gorgeous sun and weather. When you visit Aruba you should go and see or even swim in Eagle Beach,this beach was named one of the top ten beaches in the world according to Trip Advisor. You should also visit Aruba's national park it takes up 20% of the island and is a beautiful park.

The flag of Aruba

The flag of Aruba contains 4 colors, yellow, red, blue, and white. The yellow means abundance, red stands for the 4 points on a compass and the island of Aruba, blue stands for the sea surrounding Aruba, and lastly the white stands for Aruba's pristine beaches.