Willie Cauley-Stein

Biography by: Rylie H

Early Life

Willie Cauley-Stein was born on August 18,1993 and his hometown is Olathe, Kansas and he went to high school at Olathe Northwest High. He played basketball and football, but he was known for being receiver the #1 receiver in Kansas. Cauley-Stein always wanted to become a quarterback and when the coach acknowledged how good of a quarterback he could become, he then moved schools and he was better than their quarterback but he couldn't play because he was sick. Basketball season started and his coaches said that they didn't think it was safe to play football because he might get hurt and ruin his potential basketball career. Kentucky started scouting Cauley-Stein his senior year as well as many schools.

Cauley-Stein at University of Kentucky

Willie has gone to Kentucky for basketball since his freshman year. He averaged in his freshman year 8.3 points per game, his sophomore year 6.8 points per game and his junior year 15.8 points game. Cauley-Stein is currently ranked number 6 in the U.S. for college basketball. He is ranked 1st in NCAA Juniors ranked 6th in Top 100 Prospect. He is pick 6 in the Mock Draft 2015.
Kentucky absolutely loves Cauley-Stein because he is hardworking, talented and very smart. Senior year at high school changed his life because Kentucky gave him a scholarship for basketball and now he is going to the NBA with some of his best team-mates at Kentucky. Willie is my favorite basketball player of all time because he is smart, worked for his fame and at being a good player now he is taking it further and going into the NBA. I did not know that Willie was actually a football player.

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