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גן (Kindergarten)


I make an "E" sound

We learned "chirik". The Hebrew vowel that makes an "e" sound. Think of "e" in the word "be". This vowel is found underneath our letters. There are 2 main ways to remember what sound this vowel makes.

1.) It's one dot so it's so "E"asy to remember.

2.) It looks like one "pea"

Sometimes this vowel is followed by the letter י (yud). Despite the addition of the י (yud) we still say only "e".


The kids worked on a tic-tac-toe board this week. Their goal was to win the game by completing 3 of the 9 activities listed. Some had a reading component, others handwriting, as well as Tu B'shevat crafts and vowel recognition.

I am beyond impressed that every student not only enjoyed the activities for their part of the game, but made a point to say they were going to strive for a "black out" in which they completed all the squares.

Happy Birthday to the Trees!

In Judaics, we focused on the חג (chag:holiday) of Tu B'shevat. This holiday takes place on the 15th of Shevat, this year on Jan. 25th. It is the birthday of the trees and a celebration of the first winter blooms in Israel. There are several customs that the kids learned that we do on Tu B'shevat. Here they are:

1.) Plant a tree here or in Israel

2.) Eat from the 7 species (Shevat Haminim)

3.) Try a new fruit.

To experience this holiday to the fullest the class and I had a taste test of shevat haminim. They tried dates, pomegranates, figs, grapes, olives, wheat in the form of kedem crackers, and barley in the form of nut free granola. They filled out a taste taste worksheet, so you will exactly which they liked and which they did not care for. Some of them were very surprised that they liked the dates or figs so much.

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