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for Faculty & Staff - February 2016

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Teach Media Literacy with Super Bowl Ads

Frank Baker has provided some engaging lessons to help students recognize and understand the persuasion/propaganda techniques that will be used in the upcoming Super Bowl advertising. There are questions to ask students before, during, and after the game, as well as some math calculations.

TeachHub also has the "Top 12 Super Bowl Classroom Activities" that help you take advantage of the Super Bowl enthusiasm in the classroom.

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Wordless News

"One headline per day, vowel and consonant free." This is a nice, fun way to start the day! Wordless News is a weekday creative ritual by illustrator/designer Maria Fabrizio starting at 4:45 am. Maria gets up, reads the news, sketches, digitizes, and posts an editorial illustration for a selected headline. A free "Wordless News Companion Worksheet" is available to download here.

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Presidential Campaign Commercials

Richard Byrne has provided some fantastic presidentical campaign resources!
  • The Living Room Candidate is a site that can help students see the evolution of campaign commercials. Look beyond the production quality and students will see that the strategies employed in commercials today aren't all that different than those used sixty years ago. Provided along with each video is an overview of the political landscape of at the time of the campaigns. Visitors to the website can search for commercials by election year, type of commercial, or by campaign issue.
  • The Living Room Candidate Ad Maker can be used by students to remix old advertisements, sound bites, and images to create new campaign commercials. The teachers page on The Living Room Candidate offers nine lesson plans for teaching about the historical context of campaigns, analyzing campaign ads, and creating new campaign ads.
  • Crash Course video on political campaigns answers questions like "Why do presidential campaigns start so early?" and "Who funds them?" The first half of the video is focused on campaign organization. The second half of the video is focused on funding of campaigns and the laws regarding campaign contributions. These are some discussion questions that you could pose to the students:
    1. Which outreach methods are best for each of the following age groups? 18-35, 35-50, 50-65, 65+
    2. If you were a campaign manager, how would you choose where to spend advertising money?
    3. What are the pros and cons of limiting campaign contributions? Would you close the 527 loophole?
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Excellent Video Sources for All Content Areas


  • The Writer's Workshop is a good place for students to find some quick lessons on punctuation and grammar. Students who are ready to take their writing to a new level could benefit from the TED-Ed videos on irony, introductions, and building fictional worlds.

  • Math Doctor Bob's YouTube channel offers nearly 700 video lessons on statistics, algebra I and II, calculus, geometry, and much more.
  • Numberphile is a neat YouTube channel about fun number facts. There are currently thirty-three videos in the Numberphile collection.
  • Math Class With Mr. V features more than 300 video lessons on basic mathematics, geometry, and algebra.
  • Numberock is a YouTube channel that features quick music videos that teach and or reinforce elementary school math lessons, but they may be useful for students struggling with basic math.


  • Today I Learned is a fun playlist of short videos about interesting science facts.

Social Studies:

  • Crash Course offers excellent videos on U.S. History and World History.
  • Gooru is a service that aims to provide teachers and students with an extensive collection of videos, interactive displays, documents, diagrams, and quizzes for learning about topics in math, social studies, and science.
  • C.G.P. Grey produces all kinds of interesting and educational videos.
  • Hip Hughes History is a series of short, upbeat lectures on topics in US History and World History.
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