Garfield Family

Art Night/Book Fair/Literature Extravaganza

Garfield Family Art Night, Book Fair, and Literature Extravaganza

Thursday, April 14th, 6-8pm

815 4th Street

Clay Center, KS

Family Art Night

Walk through the halls of our Garfield School to view all of the fabulous art work that our students have created. We have so many talented students at Garfield it is truly amazing to see all of their work on display for all to see.

Book Fair

The Spring Book Fair will be in the Library. Stop by the library to browse through the selection of books. Remember, summer is coming and we will have a huge selection of books for your students to purchase that they can read over the summer.

"Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body." - Sir Richard Steele

Students will also have an opportunity to make purchases during their library time.

Tuesday, April 5 - 4th grade Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Wuthrich; 5th grade Mr. Edwards
Thursday, April 7 - 4th grade Mrs. Pfizenmaier; 5th grade Mrs. Deines
Monday, April 11th - 4th grade Mr. Brummet; 5th grade Mrs. Argo and Mrs. McFall
Wednesday, April 13th - 4th grade Mrs. Catlin; 5th grade Mrs. Galindo

You can also shop online from April 2nd through April 15th at:

Literature Extravaganza

Come and visit our Literature Extravaganza. Each student chose one book that they loved and created a tri-fold display of the book. After they read their books they worked in art class on their tri-fold display. Stop by the gym to see the great books that our students love and how they worked their creativity into sharing information about the book they love.