For expecting mothers...

the three trimesters of pregnancy

Trimester 1

As a new mother, you and your baby will be go through new changes. You'll begin by missing your period, your breasts will become tender, and you may experience nausea and or vomiting. As for your baby, he/she will begin growing and small features slowly begin to develop. Also, blood tests will be ran to determine any health concerns and to record your blood type

Trimester 2

By the beginning of trimester 2, your baby has grown up to almost 4 inches and 2 ounces. He/she has fingerprints and is beginning to develop hearing and bones transition from cartilage. You may start feeling your baby kicking and moving and gain some extra weight. Scheduled/regular doctors visits become a norm for you and more blood tests and ultrasounds are ran. At your ultrasounds the position, gender and and complications are addressed, if any.

Trimester 3

In your final trimester you begin to gain a pound a day on average. Your baby is growing even more and is up to about 3 pounds at the beginning of this trimester. Your child now has eyelashes, nails and hair. You and your baby are both growing more and more everyday. The further along in this trimester more complications become possible, which is why you will continuously go through more tests ran by your doctor. At the very end of this trimester your beautiful new born baby will arrive!

Advice for dad!

As the male in this relationship, you have no other choice to become more responsible because you are now a father to a newborn and your spouse can't do everything by herself. Not only will you be taking care of your baby and the mother but there's still house work to do! Just always make sure to even out the amount of help and work you do to your spouse. no one person should feel like all the weight is placed on their shoulders because it can lead to tension