Resources for Teachers

Definitely sites to check out!

Surf Net Kids

This is an interesting site that provides a safe and fun way to allow students to search the internet. Teachers can allow students to go on this site and explore. Students will find different and interesting facts and stories they can share with classmates or use in projects. This site provides kids interactive scavenger hunts for students. This is a fun way to connect with students and have them search the internet in a creative and fun way.


This site can be used in so many different ways. People have used this site for personal, fun, and creative ways. I find it is very useful for finding teaching ideas and resources. This site creates a way for all teachers to "bookmark" their ideas and save them for a later time.


I stumbled upon storybird and was intrigued! This allows students to write short stories and illustrate them like an online book. The students are able to write their story like a book and then the illustrations are within the book. I think this would be fun for students to be creative and go one step farther than writing a story. This would hopefully motivate students to continue writing stories and be creative with their writing assignments.

Ways to start the day in your classroom

Community Begins with the Morning Meeting


Where Teacher Come First

This is a site that provides teachers with resources they can use in their classrooms. video tutorials are given to give teachers ideas oh how to handle difficult situations, how to connect with students and new teaching strategies they can use. Within the site are products teachers may need and activities their students may enjoy. One thing I found really interesting was they way the site made connections. Every teacher dreads the question "how will we use this in the future?" Well this site provides ways to link their learning with their future.


This site was amazing and I would have loved it as a student! This site allows students to make interactive timelines. History is a subject that most students find boring and uninteresting but I think this site gives it a little spin. Kids can make a timeline that showcases important dates throughout the time they are focusing on in class. History can now be a site that interest students and involves them in the learning.

How to teach summarizing and main idea

Summarization 3 Interactive Writing

Teaching Channel

This site is interesting in the ideas it provides for teachers. It gives videos that are focused on all different subjects. These videos give tips for how to teach a subject, interesting ideas, and new resources to be used in the classroom. I think a teacher could really use and find this site handy in the way it focuses on the different grade levels and differentiates between subjects which are taught in class.

Neo K-12

NeoK12 is a site that provides videos focusing on all different subjects. The videos range from kindergarten level to high school. I found this interesting because as a future teacher some concepts are easier explained by having a visual such as a video. i think this would be beneficial for students who would be able to watch them and hopefully have better understanding of the material being taught. I also think teachers would benefit from this by providing them options of educational videos they could use to enhance their lesson and show in their classroom.

Changing Education

RSA Animate - Changing Education Paradigms

Discovery Education

All teachers need help coming up with new and interesting way to teach a specific topic or subject. This site provides activities and resources teachers can include in their lesson plans. They focus on the four main core subjects and provide lesson ideas teachers can implement for their own use. This site also provides interactive opportunities for students to be involved. Online games are available for students to play while help and resources are also available for parents to use to help their child at home.

Vocabulary Spelling City

This site focuses on helping students with understanding and correctly spelling their list of spelling words. Teachers are able to log in and input their weekly spelling lists into the site. All students need to do is have a log in code and they can access the lists of spelling words. This makes it easier for students to access their spelling words and practice them outside of the classroom and while they are at home. The site has many activities to interest students allow them to work on homework in fun and interactive ways.

Make good use of time in the classroom

Make the Most of Every Minute in Your Preschool Program

National Geographic

This site gives available resources teachers can put to use in their classroom. It is full of fun facts to share with your students to make learning about geography and history more interesting. It lists activities and lesson ideas that teachers can use and modify to match their own lesson plan. Media ideas and resources are given to help when teaching those difficult to understand concepts.

Ideas to begin the day

Circle Time - Start of the Day