Pot farming affects klamath river

by: Mitchell Greenfield, Kole Wilson, Breann Creager

Marijuana plantations guzzle enormus amounts of water while also spilling alot of fertilizers and sediment down the creek

fertilizers creates large amounts of algae mats which create to much carbon dioxide in the creek. Sediment clogging changes the shape and flow of small creeks that flow into the Klamath river. The changes of flow of the creek affects areas that wildlife spawn in.

Potent rat poisons D-con used on large scale pot farms and are killing off a rare forest mammal along with other wild life

80% of fish found dead by researchers they contained high amounts of anticoagulant pesticides. adult salmon adjust their migrator pattern to avoid pesticide polluted water. certain pesticides impair salmonoids ability to become anadromous.

In a year of extreme drought one of the drains on Califorinas water supply has been generating a buzz: illegal marijuana farming.

There was poor returns of king salmon, Coho salmon due too pot farming drying up 24 tributaries. each marijuana plan takes up 6 gallons per day and that's 3 times as much water than any other. Also in the Klamath basin there are over 40,000 marijuana plants.