Mount Hood and Charleston 1886

Kinsley and Halyee

Mount Hood

Mount Hood is in Portland Oregon.
The volcano is a stratovolcano. The cities will not be in danger if it erupts. The last major eruption was in the 1970’s.If Mount Hood erupts then it would come close to communities, recreation area, and transportations routes. If Mount Hood does erupt then it would cause landslides. If mount hood would erupt then it would seriously disrupt the transportation would be messed up

The Earthquake of Charleston 1886

The name of the earthquake is Charleston 1886 and the date was August 31. The boundary was transform. The magnitude was 7.8. The location was Charleston and the state was South Carolina. 60 people died in the earthquake of Charleston. The earthquake caused 23 million dollars in damage. It damaged 2,00 buildings and it was one of the most powerful and damaging earthquakes to hit the East Coast of the U.S.A

Some pictures of the effects of the earthquake.