Horace Mann Happenings

August 23, 2019

Message from the Principal

Welcome back to school!

A lot of great things are occurring this year, so please monitor our weekly newsletter published every Friday. The newsletter will be sent to your email, posted to Seesaw, posted to Facebook, and archived on our school website. Please make sure we have your email on file. Feel free to send us the emails of family members who want to follow our newsletter, and we will add them to our list of recipients.

We will continue to use Seesaw for classroom and office communication this year. You can download the Seesaw Family app to your phone or log in on your computer (https://web.seesaw.me/platforms-parents). Every child received a QR code at the beginning of the year paperwork allowing you to share access with family members. If you lost the information, email me (lmking@nwmissouri.edu), and I can send you a direct link. When you scroll to the bottom of this newsletter, you will find a three-minute tutorial showing you how to use Seesaw to communicate with us.

Please be sure to send in any remaining paperwork you have left. Feel free to call the office or email LaTessa Ruehter (LaTessa@nwmissouri.edu) if you have any questions. We appreciate your help in giving us the information we need to serve you and your child better.

The school day begins promptly at 7:50 and ends at 3:15. We appreciate your partnership to help educate your child by making sure your child arrives on time and attends regularly. Our goal this year is to reduce the number of late arrivals. Every instructional minute counts in your child’s school success.

As always, I am available if you have questions or concerns. Please feel free to contact me through Seesaw, email, or call the office to let me know how I can help.

Thank You,

Mrs. King

Welcome our New Teachers

Horace Mann is excited to have the opportunity to add some new part-time faculty positions this year. We added five Instructional Aides who will be in the classrooms for 20 hours per week to assist with the children. We are thrilled to have these individuals share their talents and skills with us. Please welcome Kamirah Brown, Alex Gallagher, Deanna Mandrick, Cathi Schwienebart, Kristi Kirkpatrick

Horace Mann also hired a new Bearcat Club Coordinator, Jacob Buls, to help us with the redesign of the after-school program. We now have four Recreation students completing field experiences in Bearcat Club through a partnership with Dr. Sue Myllkangas from the School of Health Science and Recreation. We appreciate the hard work of Dr. Myllkangas and Gina McNeese in the launching of this redesign. Our goal is to make our after-school program more engaging for children and to include activities to promote wellness.

Jill Horton joins us in Music to fill the vacancy left by Katheryn Ball. Mrs. Horton brings 22 years of classroom experience and an abundance of talent. Movement, music, and joy are valued in her classroom. Mrs. Horton will serve as our Bearcat Choir sponsor and will continue to have choir practice on Mondays after school for children in grades 3-6. Please be sure to send in a signed permission slip to sign your child up.

Andrea Blackford joins us in 5th/6th Grade to fill the vacancy left by Mrs. Brown. Mrs. Brown's husband received his dream job offer in Ohio just days before school began requiring her to resign. Mrs. Blackford has a degree in education and has served our school as a substitute for several years. She was kind enough to jump in and take over Language Arts while Mr. O'Neal takes over Math, Science, and Social Studies. This makes for a great instructional team for our students!

Bearcat Choir Permission Slip

Due September 5th

Don't miss out on this great opportunity for your child in grades 3-6. Choir practice will be on Mondays after school. Click on the permission slip for more information.

A Message from the Nurse

Date: August 23, 2019

TO: Horace Mann Parents/Guardians

FROM: Cara Shell, RN

Horace Mann School Nurse

RE: Health Screenings

Routine health screenings began on Friday, August 23rd. The screenings include vision, hearing, height, weight, blood pressure, and scoliosis (5thgrade only).

For the scoliosis screening (to determine curvature of the spine), students will be screened as a part of swimming lessons next week as they will already be dressed for swimming. This is only a visual exam and it will be an easy and quick way to evaluate each student.

Results of your child’s screening will be available for you when they are completed if you would like to stop by the nurse’s office. Otherwise, hard copy results will be sent home by the last week of September.

If you have any questions or concerns about the screenings, please do not hesitate to call Nurse Shell (562-1233).

Thank you.

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Horace Mann Laboratory School

Horace Mann Laboratory School is located on the campus of Northwest Missouri State University. Horace Mann is one of only a small number of laboratory schools in the United States. Horace Mann provides a hands-on, project-based learning, individualized approach that is only possible with small class sizes and multiple teachers. Students of all ages make Horace Mann home, from our youngest kindergarten students to University practicum students. Master teachers provide a unique learning environment for all students that include technology, innovative best practices, and exemplary educational experiences. From measuring temperatures and creating data tables at our University Pond, learning about recycling at the on-campus recycling center, roller skating and swimming lessons in Physical Education class, and multicultural education from student organizations on campus, Horace Mann provides the best educational experience for your child.