Battle of Arras

Baylee Maddox


  • Date: April 9th 1917-May 16th 1917
  • British Empire vs. German Empire
  • Winner: Allied Forces
  • Generals in Charge: General Robert Nivelle, Field Marshal Douglas Haig, General Erich Ludendorff, General Ludwig Von Falkenhausen, General Julian Byng
  • Allied Forces had 27 divisions and 158,660 casualities
  • Central Forces had 7 divisions at Front and 27 in Reserve and 130,000 to 160,000 casualities
  • Technology used: Underground tunnels, Tanks, Artillery, Infantry.
  • Known as the most "Savage infantry battle of the war."


  • Snowy, Cold, Sleeting and Rain.
  • Two Rivers run through the battleground: The Scarpe and the Crinchon.
  • Flat ground allowed for easy access across battlefield.
  • Battle Before: Battle of Verdun and Battle of Somme
  • Battle After: Battle of Vimy Ridge and Battle of the Hils

If I were to visit the site today...

  • Tours Offered: There are multiple offred throughout the year during the day in Arras.
  • Interesting Talks and Reenactments: Jonathan Nicholls offers very detailed talks about the battlefield of the Battle of Arras along with many others in France.
  • Special Time Touring for Visitors: German War Cemetary Saint Laurent Blangy is a cemetary of many of the fallen Germans in the war.

Around the Area

  • Surroundings: Belgium; Avion, France; Mericourt, France.
  • Other Locations: Carriere Wellington Museum is an underground town that was used for soldiers during the war now being used historically; Canadian National Vimy Memorial is dedicated to the Canadian Expeditionary Force members who lost their lives in the war; Arras Cathedral is the seat of the Bishops in Arras.

Additional Information

  • Hotels: Hotel ibis Arras Centre Les Places is one of the cheapest with the highest ratings to stay at in Arras. Au Coeur D'Eden Chambres d'Hôtes de Charme also has high ratings in Arras.
  • Les Trois Futs is a French restaurant in Arras with good food.
  • Bistrot Du Boucher is a Bistro in Arras.