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Reading Logs Due April 25th

Bluebonnet, 36 Book Challenge, Texas 2x2 and Little Maverick deadline is quickly approaching. In order to receive all the certificates, ribbons and medals in time for the Award Assembly, reading logs will not be accepted after 3:00 on April 25th. Reading logs are located in the library.

Congratulations to the following students who have already turned them in!

Texas 2x2

Kinder: Audrey, Rafael, Elle, Darsheel, Emily, Megan, Anika, Guilherme,

1st Grade: Saleem, Varshitha, Miranda, Kirsten, Mona, Isabella, Nikhil R, Henry

2nd Grade: Hasini, Michael, Avani, Isabella, Alagu, Aneesa, Aashna, Amaya, Afshana, Caroline, Ainesh G, Joshua T, Artur, Varnika C,


3rd Grade: Heath, Harshitha, Amelia A, Arushi G,Aastha, James K,

4th Grade: Colleen, Annika, Anu, Riley, Harper, Savannah, Pujitha , Harshetha, Ally, Reva K, Noa T, Mario P, Lucas P, Nikhil

5th Grade: Yugendra, Rithika, Armaan

Little Maverick


1st Grade: Nikhil, Varshitha, Ethan, Henry

2nd Grade: Varnika,

3rd Grade: Ashitha K,

4th Grade

5th Grade

36 Book Challenge

Kinder: Emily K, Megan K,

1st Grade: Nikhil R, Varshitha, Mona, Aneesa, Saleem, Miranda

2nd Grade: Michael, Hasini, Isabella, Amaya, Alagu, Varnika C, Adam,

3rd Grade: Ashitha, Sahasra, Aastha P,

4th Grade: Harshetha, Anu, Ranjeev

5th Grade

School Messenger

Plano ISD will begin using School Messenger to communicate to Centennial parents if their child has an overdue book. This will occur the second Monday of every month.

Library Lessons

Library Lessons

Kindergarten: Starting the Out Foxed unit where students will experience critical thinking questioning, comprehend a variety of multimedia formats, review concept of author and illustrator and have writing opportunities.

1st Grade: Continue the unit Focus on Frogs with fiction and nonfiction, review concept of author and illustrator, create notes and labels about frogs and expository writing.

2nd Grade: Will research how animals grow using online databases and continue the unit Out of the World to comprehend a variety of multimedia formats, become familiar with references books and databases and evaluate Internet-sourced information.

3rd Grade: Learn about Antarctic life using research tools and poetry to create a Google slide presentation.

4th Grade: Learn about renewable resources and continue to film shelf talkers on the green screen.

5th Grade: Investigate refraction and reflection and continue to film shelf talkers on the green screen.

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