The Twilight Zone

By:Rod Serling

Graphic Novel-Brief Summary

In the Twilight Zone, Deaths-Head Revisited, an old man named Mr. schmidt went back to the old concentration camp that has scarred the prisoner for life 64 years later. After he arrives, he signs in gets a key and heads out into the abandoned court yard. Before he goes the attendant warned him we close in one hour. In that hour, the old man revisits his past from 1945 during the war.

Character and Quote

There is one main character and he fits the story perfect with the text and pictures.

My favorite quote from the book is "let him go. He's been through enough."

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Brief Review

This graphic novel is very interesting because it takes you back to the past. I specifically like this novel because there is two stories in one with very unique pictures to follow the text. I would recommend to read this graphic novel because in the beginning its slow and then it has a drastic turn around after he is seeing his bad memories of being imprisoned for so long.

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