TEAR Australia

- foreign aid -

TEAR Australia is a Christian development, relief and advocacy organisation responding to global poverty and injustice

T-he E-vangelical A-lliance R-elief Fund



Tear Australia aims to enact Christian values through aiding less fourtunate countries. They aims to help people achive a more equal economic stuatus and quality of life to developed nations.

By doing this developing countires learn to be self-suffient, produce their own resouces and improve their income. They encourage those in Australia to help as well, and will evangelise overseas.


- Indigenous Australia

- Africa; Ethiopia, Kenya, Zambia and more

- South Asia; Pakistan, India, Nepal and more

- South East Asia/Pacific; Burma, PNG, Laos and more

Issues they help to manage in developing countries include: basic health and education, income, food security, environment, strengthening civil society, women's empowerment, water /sanitation, and disaster relief/recovery.
Skilled Australian workers/volunteers help to train locals to continue improving their quality of life so that they may develop and flourish without dependency on other countries.
TEAR's funds come from donations from generous Australians.