Walt Disney


The brilliant mind behind Disney Land ,Disney World,and all the Disney characters is Walt Disney.Walt Disney was very creative and wanted to inspire kids with his cartoon characters.

Walt Disney was born on December 05,1901. Walt Disney was educated at McKinley High School,Chicago Art Institute.Walt Disney worked for two jobs.His first job was drawing for ads. Walt Disney’s second job was selling drawings and newspapers by the train station.

Walt Disney’s dreams was to create cartoon characters. Soon his dreams came true.Walt Disney created a lot of cartoon characters. For example Walt Disney created Cinderella,Bambi,Dumbo and other characters.

Walt Disney won 7 Emmy awards and 48 Academy awards for his artwork.Walt Disney was to spread joy around the world which made him even more famous.

The reason I wanted to research Walt Disney is because I was inspired by my sister and cousin to draw. Also I wanted to research if there was an artist that could inspire me to make bigger dreams about art.