Melissa Mesa/ Tasya Pohan- 3rd period

The three Letters

As Harker passes more time at the castle, he is noticing odd characteristics about the Count and events around him that are very strange. In chapter IV, however, Dracula asks Harker to do something that does not make sense at all and feels that something is not right anymore. Dracula asks Harker to write three letters to his fiance and employer, and to date them June 12, 19, and 29, even though it is currently only May 19. In the first letter, he must say that h is leaving the castle, the second letter is about being on his way and the third one is that he has finally arrived. With all this included, Dracula instructs Harker not to write any extra or less word and any other letter if he has not said so.

The Wolves and the Woman

An interesting event that occurred in the novel was in chapter IV, when a woman was eaten by a pack of wolves. This woman appears in distraught at Dracula’s castle and is wailing for her child. As she is wailing, Harker hears her and when he is about to open he door to help her, a pack of wolves emerges from the courtyard and devours her. In the chapter earlier, the moving bundle that Dracula gave to the three other vampires is the child that she is claiming back, believing that Dracula took her child. His power is shown to be very powerful as he commands wolves to finish the job with supernatural powers.

The Gypsies

Early this morning, we saw some gypsies make their way into Count Dracula's castle. It didn't seem like Dracula was interested because he didn't seem to want to open the door. Ironically, it seems that Dracula's guest, identified as the English lawyer Mr. Johnathan Harker, was the one wanted to get the gypsies to come to him instead. Strangely, he didn't come out front to the door to get the gypsies, he came out of his window. He bribed them by throwing out gold and other riches out the window but this plan seems to backfire on him as the gypsies took them back to Dracula to see.

The Final appearance of Harker

Some strange things have been happening in Dracula's castle this past week. After weeks of not seeing Johnathan Harker come out of Count Dracula's castle, he finally makes an appearance as we see him scaling down the rocking walls of Dracula's castle last week. Yet he makes no more appearances since then. The final time that we do see Harker is when he is seen running out of Dracula's estate, as if it was out of fear of being caught by some monster. He was also seen carrying a bag which sounded like there were some coins in there. Could it be because he was stealing money from Dracula? All we know now is that what goes on in that castle is nothing good.