Animal Farm

By: George Orwell

Novel Genres


Animal Fable

An animal fable is an unrealistic story that has a plot in which animals can speak or convey feelings and act similarly to Humans.

- The story Animal Farm is an Animal Fable


A story or plot that has a hidden meaning behind the story itself.

- The animals, people and objects in this story convey certain messages that reflect similar events in our history.


Going about in a joking way to convey the morals behind serious events.


Chapter Summary


Chapter 1

1. The Drunkard farmer by the name Mr. Jones Heads to bed as the animals gather in the barn for a meeting

2. Old major, the pig or "leader" inform the animals that they should not be living like slaves to the humans

3. He also informs the animals of his premeditated plan to take the farm for themselves to free themselves from the human's tyranny

4. The animals learn a national anthem taught to them by old major


Chapter 2

1. The day after his rebellious speech, Old Major Dies, leaving the other pigs to take over.

2. Two of the post-leading pigs, Snowball and Napoleon begin to make a system in which animals control called Animalism.

3. The rebellion struck and the animals broke from Mr. Jones' tyranny, taking over the barn and changing its name from Manor Farm to Animal Farm.

4. The animals created seven rules called the Seven Commandments that do not allow the animals to act as humans do.


Chapter 3

1. There is a time of joyous labor by the animals

2.they succeed in their harvest greatly

3. Snowball realizes none of the animals can read or write

4. Snowball Changes the rule to 4 legs good, two legs bad


Chapter 4

1. Animal revolution spreads out more beyond just that one barn and animals all around the country are singing the anthem

2. Farmers try to take back the farm by force

3. The animals win under the command of snowball

4. this battle was known as the battle of Cowshed


Chapter 5

1. snowball and Nepolean fight many battles about how the animals should act

2. They argue about the windmill

3. Nepolean runs snowball off the farm by force

4. They end up building the Windmill


Chapter 6

1. The animals begin to work harder on the Windmill

2. Napoleon is becoming more corrupt

3. Napoleon Begins trading with humans

4. Napoleon and the other higher-ups move into the farm house


Chapter 7

1. Napoleon believes that the animals are secretly feeding snowball

2. He speaks to all of them and asks them if they have any connections with snowball

3. all of those who confess are killed

4. The animals begin to sing Beasts of England, but the song has been abolished by Napoleon


Chapter 8

1. The animals remember the commandment that said that you cannot cal another animal

2. The animals checked the sign, but it says you can not kill another animal without cause

3. Napoleon is trading with humans Fredrick and Pilkington

4. Napoleon begins to drink, and he changes the commandment to "No animal can drink to excess


Chapter 9

1. Winter has come and the animals are working harder with less rations and the pigs have more

2. Boxer becomes sick and can work no longer

3. an ambulance (horse butcher) picks up boxer and the animals become outraged

4. Squealer passifies the animals and lies to them about the animals


Chapter 10

1. Many years pass and the the pigs walk outside on two legs

2. The sheeps chant "four legs good, two legs bad" changes to "Four legs good, two legs better"

3. There is now only one rule on the board that says "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others

4. The pigs are sitting inside with the humans and the animals looking inside cannot tell the difference between the humans and the animals.





A very responsible, intelligant pig. He follows in Ol Major's footsteps. He got kicked off of the farm by Napoleon. He represents Trotsky.



He is large and feirce looking. He ran snowball off of the farm. He is dictator-like. Similar to Stalin form World War 2


Old Major

He was the "Prize Boar" Basically the leader of the animals who gave light to the animal rebellion, but died shortly after. Represents Karl Marx



A white horse who was mainly concerned with chewing ice and having ribbons. She represents People who idolize materials



He is a very od donkey. He is the oldest on the farm and is very superstitious. He does not believe that things are actually as they seem. He represents all who are superstitious in the world



Boxer is one of the strongest animals on the farm. He finished work on the windmill before being shipped to a glue factory because he could no longer work. His famous motto was "I can work harder" He represents All who work for nothing.



Clover is a very motherly horse who is very superstitious about the changes in the government and tries to inform the animals about what is really going on. She represents those who Realize they are working for nothing.



Moses is the crow that belongs to Mr. Jones. He is always preaching about The further beyond death. He represents the Bible Moses.



Squealer is the Boar that is the Mouthpiece of Napoleon. He usually comes up with excuses for most of the things that Napoleon Does and Sooths the animals. He represents Propaganda in Germany when they told the world that they were doing great when they really we'rent.



Muriel is a goat who reads most of the commandments to the animals. She is one of the best animals on the farm.


Mr. Jones

Mr. Jones is the owner of the Manor farm before the animals took over. He was an alcoholic and treated his animals like slaves. He represents Nicolas the 2nd who was the czar of Russia


Mr. Frederick

He lives next to Mr. Jones who also owns a farm called Pinchfield. Frederick Represents Adolf Hitler, The leader/ dictator of Germany during WWII


Mr. Pilkington

Pilkington represents England. He has an overgrown farm next to the Manor farm and likes to hunt for fun.


Mr. Whymper

He is the go-between between the humans and the animals.He represents countries that fight without reason. Or even people.



The sheep are on the less intellectual side, going about in an suspicious way. They do what they are told without question. They represent all the people who.



Also functioning as a group, ducklings are vulnerable. They represent The children and the Women of the world who are susceptible to the changes of the outside world



1. Songs- Beasts of England, Taught by Old major to the animals is a way of keeping the animal pride sacred, it is later changed to make the media think what they're doing is right when, in fact, it is wrong

2. Ritual- The 7 commandments was a ritual that was later turned into an excuse that eventually turned into a way of leading the animals.



Power can corrupt anybody. It is always a good idea to keep a balance.


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