Counseling Center NewsLetter

December 2021

Contact Information

Kristi Gregory (A-C) ext. 4041

Tammy Vogler (D-Hen) ext. 4021

April Marquez (Her-McC) ext. 4019

Vince Ahrens (McD-Sh) ext. 4020

Kerry Stites (Si-Z) ext. 4018

Carrie Rodebush, Administrative Assistant ext. 4103

Melissa King, College/Scholarship Coord., ext 4003

Carrie Beamer, Registrar ext. 4017

Kristin Scharlau Educational Therapist ext. 4032

Christy Dabalos - IB & AP Coordinator ext. 4061

Veronica Scott - A+ Coordinator ext. 4056

Jennifer Lightfoot - A+ Administrative Assistant ext. 4057

Counseling Fax (816) 986-4116

Upcoming Dates

  • December 6th - Junior Class Commitment to Excellence Ceremony/Class Ring Delivery - During Titan Time - For Students only.
  • December 7th - STA set up in the Lunch Room
  • December 7th - A+ Training - Bateman Hall 2:30 - 3:30
  • December 9th - Herndon Field Trip
  • December 11th - ACT Test
  • December 14th - Jostens in the Commons - Ring Delivery/Grad Product Delivery (NOT Cap & Gowns)
  • December 16th - MCC - Longview Application for Seniors planning to attend MCC. During Titan Time
  • December 22nd - January 2nd - Winter Break
  • January 3rd - Classes Resume
  • January 12th - 14th - FINALS
  • January 13th - STA Open House 6:00 - 8:00 PM
  • January 13th - MIC Open House presentation @6:45 pm
  • January 17th - NO SCHOOL - Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • January 18th - NO SCHOOL - Teacher Work Day
  • January 19th - Start of Semester 2
  • January 24th - STA Field Trip (Opportunity for 9th & 10th graders to attend)

Full Calendar Available on the LSW Counseling Website:

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Off Campus Career Programs

2022 - 2023 Applications for Summit Technology Academy, Herndon Career Center, Cass Career Center and Early College Program are now available. Click on the link below to access the applications for STA, ECP, and Herndon. Applications for Cass are available in the Counseling Center.
Off Campus Career Program Applications

Find the links to all our off campus programs that are offered to complete their application.

Herndon Field Trip

Students are invited & encouraged to sign up for the Herndon Career Center Field Trip by coming to the Counseling Center to sign up and receive a permission slip. Permission Slip must be returned in order to attend the field trip.

When: December 9th

Deadline to Sign Up: Permission Slips MUST be returned to the Counseling Center NO LATER than 2:45 PM on December 2nd.

What programs does Herndon Offer?

Advertising & Graphic Design, Automotive Collision, Automotive Technology, Construction Technology, Cosmetology, Culinary Arts, Diesel Mechanics, Emergency Medical Technician, Foundations of Nursing, HVAC/Industrial Maintenance, Intro to Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine, Law Enforcement/Police Science, Welding/Metal Fabrication.

If you are a Sophomore or Junior plan to attend the Field Trip so you can learn more about the programs!

Longview Application Support for Seniors attending MCC-LV Fall'22

Attention Seniors:

If you are planning to attend MCC-Longview next year, please plan to attend the MCC-Longview Application Day Event.

Admissions representatives will assist LSW Seniors with completing the MCC application for the 2022-23 school year. If interested, please join us in the Library during Titan Time on Thursday, Dec 16, 2021.

International Baccalaureate (IB) Information

Please be reminded that any student wishing to drop an IB course must do so by January 15th in order to not have to pay exam fees. In addition, anyone interested in the IB Program please contact Mrs. Christy Dabalos to set up an appointment. Appointments can be in-person or virtual, parents are welcome to attend.
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Senior Focus: Final Semester Checklist!


Have you?

  • MET WITH YOUR COUNSELOR FOR YOUR SENIOR MEETING (You do NOT have to navigate the College process alone! We are here for you!)






Additional Reminders!

  1. Complete the FAFSA: . Did you know it is REQUIRED FOR ALL STUDENTS PLANNING TO USE A+?
  2. There is free help for FASFA completion at sites throughout the KC Metro Area. Click the link to find dates and locations. FASFA HELP
  3. Know your deadlines! There are deadlines for college applications, college specific scholarships, local and national scholarships, housing contracts, FAFSA completion...find an organizational tool and use it!
  4. Great sources for scholarships located on Naviance under Scholarships and Money Tab and click on Scholarship List.
  5. Don't forget to request your transcripts through Naviance

Do you know what kinds of Financial Aid is available? If not, click HERE!

Are you in need this Holiday Season? Do you Know Someone in Need?

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When Can You Request a Schedule Correction/Change

Schedule Changes and Corrections will be done via the Google Form. The form will be available on the LSW website beginning January 3rd. Schedule changes will be reviewed when you complete the form and approved or denied as quickly as your counselor can review the request.

As a reminder - here is the criteria for changing a class at semester.

Before the first meeting of a class, schedule changes will not be made unless one of the following criteria is met:

• The student does not meet the prerequisite shown in the course description.

• The student is approved to participate in a work program or to enroll in courses at some other school/college.

• Administrative reasons based on error, class imbalance, course additions, hour changes, vocational school schedule, graduation requirements, clerical assistant, etc.

After the semester begins, schedule changes will not be made unless one of the following criteria is met:

• Student does not meet the prerequisites as shown in the course description.

• Student class placement is inappropriate for ability level.

• Student is approved to participate in a work program or to enroll in courses at some other school/college.

• Administrative reasons based on error, class imbalance, course additions, hour changes, vocational school schedule or graduation requirements.

• If the student does not meet one of the criteria above and drops a class after the 10th school day of the semester, an “F” will be recorded on the transcript and included in the student’s GPA calculation.

Students who want to change out of a year-long class at the end of the first semester must meet the following guidelines:

• The teacher, parent and administrator must confer and agree.

• Any student wishing to withdraw from an IB class must meet with the IB Coordinator, counselor, course instructor, and their parent.

• Students who plan to drop an IB course during the testing year must arrange to do so before November 1st to avoid exam fees.

• Student must get “Changing a Year-Long Class at Semester” form from the counseling office.

• Parent, teacher and administrator must sign the “Changing a Yearlong Class at Semester” form.

• Student must make an appointment with their counselor to make the change.

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Are You Thinking of Joining the Military after Graduation?

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Stay Up To Date - College Representative Visits

ATTN: Juniors and Seniors!

College Reps have been contacting LSW and filling up our calendar! To save your seat to visit with a college rep from a school you are interested in attending, please visit Naviance.

Under the What's New section is a list of all the college representatives that have scheduled a date and time to attend. All you have to do is RSVP in Naviance. This will be your pass out of class to come to the Counseling Center at the specific time and date to visit. At this time, visits will be in small groups and will be in the Counseling Conference Room.

At this time, there are no college reps scheduled to visit. However, keep looking back at Naviance to see if a college rep has scheduled a visit. More visits will be available next semester.

Tutoring Resources


English Tutoring:

After school in Room 2138 2:30-3:30 pm Monday - Thursday

Overtime/Test Make-ups:

Daily in Room 1291 with Mrs. Irr. 2:25 - 3:25.

Khan Academy: Free, online tutoring for all levels math, science, and history.

ProDeo: Free Tutoring Available Tuesday & Thursday from 2:30 - 5:00 PM. Click the link to find out more about ProDeo and what they offer teens. (There is an application to become a student member at ProDeo, when on the ProDeo website - Click the 'TEENS' tab and then click the Teen Application button that is about half way down the page.)

Tutoring Available at Mid-Continent Public Library For those who may benefit from additional online tutoring, the Library offers free, real-time tutoring services in more than 25 academic subjects, including math, science, social studies, English, and foreign languages, through In addition to live help, also provides complimentary standardized test preparation services. Watch this brief video to learn more.

If you have more questions regarding tutoring, please contact your counselor.

How Do I Learn Best?

Complete the questionnaire and get some free study tips.

Naviance Spotlight

Naviance Test Prep: This tool can be located on the student's Home Page. This free test prep program creates a study plan for students based on their anticipated test date, provides practice test, and a variety of study tools. Did we mention it is FREE!

How do you find Naviance Test Prep you ask? Open up your PowerSchool. On the left hand side towards the bottom you should see Naviance.

  • Click Naviance
  • Click "Single Sign In"
  • Scroll to the bottom of your home page
  • Click "Naviance Test Prep"
  • When the new screen opens, you can start practicing for ACT Exams.

Mental Wellbeing Minute from your District Educational Therapist

December: So often "self care" is tied to the thought of being "self indulgent" or "selfish", which is why it can be a challenge for many to make self care a priority. However, when we think of "self care" in terms of being essential in order to operate at our best and care for those we love and care about, then it no longer serves us to think in terms of self care as a luxury. In the midst of the holidays, it's the perfect time to slow down and take a moment to consider the ways you include self care into your day to day life and make adjustments as needed in preparation for the new year.

Take a few minutes to complete this self care assessment and utilize the worksheet at the end to create both personal and professional goals as it relates to your wellbeing. Making this commitment to yourself allows for greater self awareness required to make change and the opportunity to start 2022 strong.

Meet this Month’s Educational Therapist:

Laurie White LCSW

School: Miller Park

Laurie is a clinical social worker who provides individual and group therapy specializing in the areas of cognitive behavioral and solution focused modalities in an effort to support youth to better understand the roots of their anxiety/ depression/ and other school based challenges. This includes offering BIST skill based coaching/ mindfulness strategies to empower students to become more powerful problem solvers/ critical thinkers as well . Laurie also helps to connect students/families to community resources (food, housing, employment, other community resources when needed).

LSR7 School Community Liaison/Social Work Services

LSWHS Educational Therapist: Kristin Scharlau, ext.4032

The Educational Therapist's role is to link students and families with resources and provide support. They also provide educational individual and group therapy to students within the school setting. If you would like to receive more information about how our Education Therapist may be able to help you or your family, please feel free to complete our School Social Work Services Form or print off a downloadable form and turn it into your student’s counselor. Once it is received, our Educational Therapist will contact you.

LSR7 Community Resource Guide

ACT Dates and Prep Courses

  1. ACT Test Dates and Registration:
  2. Naviance- Students can log onto their Naviance Student (Formerly -Family Connections) Account and access a wealth of free ACT Practice/Prep called "Naviance Test Prep".
  3. Junior and Senior students can take a course called "ACT Prep" as one of their elective classes at LSW. This class is a semester long class and offers content, test strategy, and test practice.
  4. After school ACT Prep Classes Offered in November, January, and March. The cost is $40. Flyers available in the Counseling Center. Register with Mrs. King ext. 4003 ACT Prep Class Dates & Deadlines