Antonio Rivera

Ecuador's Flag

Ecuador's flag consists of three horizontal stripes red,blue,yellow. Ecuador developed it's flag in 1835 finalized in 1900. Ecuador chose it's flag's color to match the columbian and venezuelan flag.

Ecuador's Holidays

Ecuador celebrates many holidays for both fun and remembrance. Here are all of Ecuador's holidays foundation of quito, christmas, new years,carnival,good friday,labor day,battle of pinchincha,independence day,independance of guyaquil,Day of the dead,and independence of cuencha. Ecuador's major holiday is carnival which they celebrate for one month.

Ecuador's landforms

Ecuador has volcanoes,rain forests, coastlines,and mountains. It effects the lives of people by effecting climate the landscape causes Ecuador to have a wet and dry season. It also effects where the people live more than 20,000 people live on the islands of Ecuador.

Ecuador's resources/economy

Instead of one major resource there are four.One of them is bananas. Ecuador is is one of the largest exporters of bannanas. Ecuador also exports cocoa,flowers,and shrimp. Ecuador mainly exports banannas and roses though.