Benfer Bulletin

September Edition

Monday, September 5th is a school holiday!!!

Attendance Tip of the Month:

It is very important all students arrive at school on time, so instruction is not missed. The doors open for breakfast at 7:30 AM. Instruction begins at 8:05 AM. Be sure your Bobcat gets a good night's sleep and eats a hearty breakfast so they are ready to learn at 8:05! Attendance Matters!

MAP testing Information

The MAP (Measurement of Academic Progress) testing window occurred from August 22-Septemeber 2. In Klein ISD students complete this assessment three times a year. We use these tests to determine how our students are progressing and what additional supports are needed. Please be on the lookout for student test results in their Tuesday Folders. You can find out more about MAP testing by accessing the family site:


All students have now received a SMART tag (bus tag). If a student misplaces or breaks their SMART tag (bus tag), a $5.00 fee must be paid through the School Cash Online link HERE in order to have another SMART tag printed for the student. This includes the plastic sleeve and plastic luggage tag that was issued along with the SMART tag. For more information on the SMART tag System now being used in Klein ISD, please click the link HERE.

Lunch Time!

  • For Lunch menus click HERE
  • To apply for free or reduced meals click HERE. A friendly reminder, breakfast and lunch are NO longer free.
  • To Add funds to meal accounts click HERE

Due to limited space, parents/guardians may eat lunch with their child on assigned days starting Tuesday, September 6th! Parents/Guardians can only bring lunch for their child due to allergies and eat with their child at the parent table area on assigned days.

Mondays: PreK & 1st Grade

Tuesdays: 4th Grade

Wednesdays: 3rd Grade

Thursdays: 2nd Grade

Fridays: Kindergarten & 5th Grade

For Our Students - Bus Safety & Expectations

Be Responsible

  • Save all food and drinks for home or school
  • Keep the bus clean
  • Be ready to scan your SmartTag when you get on and off the bus
  • Be a Problem Solver

Use Respect

  • Use only kind and appropriate words
  • Keep hands and feet to yourself
  • Listen to the bus driver

Stay Safe

  • Stay in your seat until you reach your destination
  • Use inside/quiet voice
  • Stay out of the aisle while bus is moving

For Our Parents - Transportation Expectations

Be Responsible

  • Keep from parking in Bus zones
  • Park only in visitor parking
  • Be on time to pick up your child from the bus stop
  • Communicate with the school if you are running late

Use Respect

  • Early dismissal is before 2:45
  • Regular dismissal time starts at 3:25
  • No students can be picked up from the office during dismissal process

Stay Safe

  • Stop when you see a bus parked with the stop sign out
  • Wait patiently for your children to come out of the bus and cross street safely
  • When dropping off your children and need to park, walk with them to cross the street safely

Counselor's Corner

Welcome to our 2022-2023 school year at Benfer Elementary. My name is Paola Salcedo, and I am the Benfer Bobcats’ new School Counselor. This is my first year as counselor at Klein ISD, and I am excited to be part of the Benfer Family. Prior to becoming a Counselor, I spent 14 years in the classroom as a Bilingual Pre-K teacher in Houston ISD. I am the mother of four who also attend Klein ISD schools. I live in the Klein school district and love the Klein community.

My goal as your child's counselor is to ensure their academic and social-emotional success, and guide them, in conjunction with their teachers and you, to discover a better version of themselves.

I want to thank you, parents, and legal guardians, for helping make the beginning of this school year a success. Your support and encouragement helped make your child’s transition from home to school a smoother one. Our teachers have also done a phenomenal job at creating a sense of belonging in their classrooms by focusing on building meaningful relationships with their students and putting routines in place. The brain is pattern-seeking, and when faced with new or unknown experiences, enters what is called the “Survival State” which can lead to behavior outbursts when not calmed. By creating routines and structure, we calm the Survival State, and help create important behavior patterns, especially during the first weeks of school. Routines are indeed the foundation to creating a School Family, a sense of belonging, and a loving and caring environment.

At home you can help reduce behavior outbursts, and experience smoother transitions for unwanted moments such as bath time and/or bedtime, by creating routines with visuals/images which helps your child predict what comes next, which in turn helps soothe the Survival State.

You can visit my website to find resources on how you can create routines at home, and more:

Please feel free to reach out me at or by phone (832)484-5933.

Gifted & Talented Parent Referral Window is open from September 1st- September 30th

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Student's cell phones

Student cell phones MUST be powdered off and inside the student's backpack throughout the school day (including while on the bus). If your student carries a cell phone to school, please review that expectation with them.

A message from our Specials teachers

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Parent Univeristy

The Parent University initiative looks to empower families to actively participate in their student's education by engaging in meaningful partnerships with the schools and support the Klein ISD vision statement: "In Klein ISD every student enters with a promise, and exits with a purpose!" You can earn credits by attending various Parent University classes throughout the academic year at our school and even earn credit in district sponsored classes. Take a look at our upcoming events on the following website and join us to earn credits! Only acquire 5 credits to graduate from Parent University!

Benfer Spirit Shirts

Our Bobcat Spirit Shirts are added to your SchoolCash account for only $7 each. Log onto your SchoolCash account to order your Spirit Shirt!

Click HERE to go to SchoolCash.

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Upcoming Events

Use this LINK to access our fundraiser!

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