Infiniti Kloud Review

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I always worry about my data not only because I worked hard for them, but as well as because they are very important. So I often purchase storage devices, including external hard drives and USB drives just to ensure that I have multiple copies of my most important files. I even have an online storage, a Cloud for that matter, to ensure that I have an extra copy of everything that I need.

But all of the things mentioned above don’t really have the power to protect all my data stored. As much as I want to have one, back then, it was hard to find one since it wasn’t that advanced. Fortunately, with the advancement in our technology, a company has come up with a USB stick that will not only keep my files stored but as well as secure them. The device that I am talking about is the Infiniti Kloud.

I found some interesting facts and details about Infiniti Kloud and I am here to share it with you, and as well as my experience with the device.

What Is Infiniti Kloud

As mentioned above, Infiniti Kloud is a USB device where you can backup all of your important data. Everything can be saved in this device, including documents, photos, videos, and as well as music. Unlike another storage device, this one won’t take hours to save your files. They promise to save the files in just a couple of seconds and transferring is very easy as well so there’s nothing to worry about it.

When it comes to the storage, Infiniti Kloud only have three available storage and is more than enough for me to store all of my important files. This device is also compatible with different operating systems, so you don’t have to worry if you have a macOS or a Windows. You don’t have to worry about owning a PC or a MacBook because the device will work on them without the need of installing any type of software.

Infiniti Kloud is also small enough that you can easily bring it anywhere. Unlike external hard drives, the can be bulky, this device can fit in your pocket. You can bring it to the office with you or during business travel, you won’t even feel like you’re bringing a storage device with you. With its lightness, it won’t add weight to your pocket or your bag.

Why Choose Infiniti Kloud

Personally, I chose Infiniti Kloud simply because of its size and how it can actually protect my files. Besides storing it in the USB device, it also has an own Cloud where the device itself protects your data against viruses and other malware that can destroy and eventually delete your important files for good. I once had a USB that got corrupted for an unknown reason and all of my projects were in there. I got so frustrated that I threw the USB stick itself. But with Infiniti Kloud, I no longer have to worry about that anymore.

One of the reasons why I chose Infiniti Kloud is that it can transfer files almost immediately. Usually, when I was still in class and even today that I am working, I get cramped up and sometimes save the files in the USB at the last minute. Due to the time of transfer, I oftentimes get late or my boss sometimes gets pissed off. But with Infiniti Kloud, I no longer have to worry about that because, in just a few seconds, all the needed files are in the device in no time.

Infiniti Kloud also has no software that needs to be installed on any of your computers. Some storage devices today need to have software installed before they start working on your device. With Infiniti Kloud, you no longer have to worry about that since it’s a plug and play device.

Lastly, if you are someone who forgets files most of the time, then Infiniti Kloud will help you because you can access it remotely. As mentioned above, it saves your files in its own Cloud, which means that no matter where you are, you can access and get the files that you need. Don’t worry about anything because only you will be the one who can access the Infiniti Kloud’s Cloud.

Infiniti Kloud Tests

Of course, I want to make sure that I am going to provide you with an honest and accurate review of the Infiniti Kloud, so right after I got it, I tested it out. I am using a MacOS and usually, this operating system will require additional software for the new device. To my surprise it didn’t which makes this USB device true to itself that it is compatible with any system, this won’t require any software at all.

I also test the speed of transferring files and I decided to go ahead and transfer my most important files. The file that I am going to transfer has a 6gb size and so I think this a good file to test. So I started to process of transferring, got up of my chair to get myself a cup of coffee and that’s less than 3 minutes, when I got to my sit it was done.

I tried it again, but this time I made sure to wait for it to be transferred. The same size of file and started the process again, but before I get to relax on my computer chair, it was almost done. It took a minute for a 6GB file to be transferred. I was surprised that I started transferring the other important files that I have. With this speed, I won’t surely have any issues anymore when it comes to last-minute transfers.

Another thing that I love about Infiniti Kloud is its portability. It is very portable and can be attached to a trouser pocket or your keychain. It only measures two inches but can surely carry big files, which is very useful. Whether I am going to the office or coffee shop to work, I can easily bring Infiniti Kloud since it won’t even add weight in my bag or pocket.

Technical Facts of Infiniti Kloud

  • Memory size is great
  • Compact and light size
  • Backup is possible by just one click
  • No internet needed if you need to access your file
  • Speed of USB is at 3.0
  • Backups are fast
  • Compatible with other USB device
  • Compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows

Infiniti Kloud’s Storage Options

There are three different storage options that you can choose from, which are 32gb, 64gb, and 128gb. You can choose one that suits your preferences. Of course, you can choose the biggest storage so you can store more files and even your future files there.

32gb storage can keep 2500 or more photos, while 64gb can keep 50,000. 128gb has the ability to store 100,000 photos or more, which means that this storage can surely go a long way.

Features of Infiniti Kloud

  • Saves files that you only need to save
  • Searching for files is easy
  • Saves your most important data
  • Compatible with both Mac and Computers
  • Automatic computer recognition
  • Easy to handle

Advantages Of Using Infiniti Kloud

1. Infiniti Kloud helps restore the files that you already backed up on your USB device to any computer. It also specifies as to which location the files are.

2. Creates file extension when backing up files for easy access.

3. Infiniti Kloud also has the ability to support different languages, including French, German, Portuguese, English and a whole lot more.

4. Has an ultra-high speed so there’s nothing to worry about if you are in a hurry.

5. Infiniti Kloud will let you browse through the files that you have backed up.

6. Infiniti Kloud will let you delete any unwanted files that you backed up.

7. Will help you backup files in different versions depending on your preferences.

8. Files will be backed up to a USB.

Infiniti Kloud Review

I also searched online for reviews from different Infiniti Kloud users. Just like me, they love the speed of transferring one file from their computers to another. They also love the size and weight because they no longer have to worry about carrying a bulky device, just like the external hard drive.

Lastly, they love how it can protect their data and still have a backup on the device’s own Cloud for the files’ protection. Just like me, they no longer have to worry about their files getting corrupted and such.

Testimonials from Other Users

"I once lost all of my important documents just because my USB got corrupted. There wasn't a Cloud back then which means that there are no single backup. So I purchased Infiniti Kloud when I found out about how it securely stores data and stores them into its own Cloud. I started using it and transferring was easy, and now I no longer have to worry about my data at all."

"One of the reasons why I purchased Infiniti Kloud is because it claims that it can transfer files in just a few seconds. When I got it, I immediately tried transferring huge files and it worked! In less than 60 seconds, everything was transferred! Infiniti Kloud definitely stays true to its words."

Where Can I Purchase Infiniti Kloud

I purchased my Infiniti Kloud on their official website and back then they were offering discounts. I’ve checked their site awhile ago and they are offering discounts for purchase two or more, and the higher the purchase the higher the discount. Of course, they are still offering discounts for purchases of one.

You can pay via PayPal or credit card, whichever you prefer. You shouldn’t worry because the site is SSL encrypted, which means that all of the information that you are going to input will not be saved and will surely be secured.

Contact Details


By Email:

By Phone

Australia: 02-7202-02-93

United Kingdom: 03308-180456

Canada: 833-687-8679 (Toll Free)

United States: 855-622-2097 (Toll Free)

How Does Infiniti Kloud Work

Infiniti Kloud works not only by helping you store files, videos, and photos but as well as ensuring that the files are safe with no breach and 100% secure. One of the best features of Infiniti Kloud is that it has a combination of a conventional cloud and a USB.

Another great feature that Infiniti Kloud has is that it will help you store the data that is important. This simply means that the only files that you can access or manage are the ones you take.