Animal Parts for Human Use

Alayna Stalter

Using animal parts for human use is taking an organ of an animal, such as a kidney, and using it for a human transplant.

How its Important to Society

In society, we try to find as many possible ways to find organs for transplants so humans can live longer. If we can use animal organs for transplants than we can get organ transplants quicker to those in need of it. People are on the waiting list for so long when really they can get one so much faster if we use animals organs.

Does it affect your Peers?

The answer would have to be yes. In little towns like Fisher where there is a lot of farms and many families that own animals is a big part. We could sell our animals to hospitals so they can use their parts for human transplants.


An experiment was conducted in 1995 when Doctors at Lahey Hitchcock Medical Center in Burlington, Massachusetts. They Injected fetal pig brain cells into the brains of patients with advanced Parkinson's disease. They hoped that the fetal tissue would produce dopamine. Which was what the patient needed. There has been a lot of researched but not much has actually been tested.
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Ethical Views

This topic brings up strong opposition from both sides. Some people think it is morally offensive and others think it is morally acceptable. People who oppose, oppose on philosophical grounds, economic grounds, and immoral Theological reasons. Acceptable reasons include theology, philology, and the relationship between God and Animals.
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Another field of science it is related to is Agriculture, we are taking away from agriculture by using the animals.

Further Research

Further Research is being done in Australia. They are conducting experiments and doing trials on animals to humans.

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