Wine Week For Choir Nerds

Thursday Updates

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Sparkling Flights at Cooperage

Last night's event at Cooperage had the highest attendance so far of the week! Luke, Sara, Danielle, and Andrew all enjoyed flights of sparkling wine, as well as red wine, and whiskey!

Upcoming Events - Last Chance! Plus Wine Week After Party

Tomorrow is the last day of events! A few of us will be doing the Many Moods of Malbec class at 2, followed by a Wine Week Finale after-party gathering at Andrew and Liz's. If you can't join us at Vintage, come on by my place around 4 for more wine and merriment!

Wine Week Scorecard

Here are the scores for wine week*!

McDermott: 8 points (another day, another event!)

Danielle: 7 points (still going strong with another event in the bag)

Jason: 3 points (2 events and some correct tasting!)

Sara: 3 points (for making an event despite illness, and actually drinking wine! Wine Week cures all!)

Luke: 2 points (Sparkling flights, and for a flight of Whiskies aged in Wine Barrels!)

Fuller: 1 point (Happy Hour!)

Susan: 1 point (for being there in spirit!)

Liz: 1 point (roommate love!)

Dana: -3 points (I thought you had all this free time now that you don't work at Crazytown Elementary?)

*Don't argue with the system!

Wine Trivia Quiz

Answer the questions below because I said so:

1. What country produces the most wine annually (4,293,466 tons in 2013)?

A. France
B. The United States
C. Spain
D. Italy

2. Which of the following is NOT a first-growth (the top tier of classification) Bordeaux?
A. Chateau Margaux
B. Chateau Cheval-Blanc
C. Chateau Lafite-Rothschild
D. Chateau Mouton-Rothschild

3. White wine can be made from either white or red grapes.
A. True
B. False