Rhodeana's Foreign Policy

In Summer School with Mrs. wylie

1) Washington Neutrality

  • As a new nation washington said to avoid alliance.
  • This was easier because of the Atlantic Ocean by protecting us and the lack of technology in the world.

2) Monroe Doctrine

  • Response to European attempt to recolonize South America.
  • US doesnt want Europe in "backyard".
  • The doctrine warns European nations to stay out of Western Hemisphere.

3) Manifest Destiny

  • Ameicas destiny to spread from ocean to ocean.
  • Louisana Purchase- doubles size of nation and gives New Orleans port
  • Oregon- gets oregon from Great Britain.
  • Slaves and Natives

4) Imperalism

  • Imperialism is when one country is taking over another.
  • Some people opposed it because they were against democracy and neutrality.
  • The causes were that they need raw materials and naval bases.
  • Spanish -American War- America intervenes in Cuba which is ruled by Spain.

5) Roosevelt Coorllary

Big Stick Policy-being willing to use force if the US doesn't get what they want.Roosevelt CorollaryUS will take control of Latin America.

6) Neutrality with WW1

  • US wanted to remain neutral but wanted to trade.
  • Zimmerman Note- encouraging mexico to ally with Germany

7) Neutralty with WW2

  • Lend-Lease - we don't like that Hitler guy...so if you good guys want to "borrow" weapons thats ok!

8) Containment

  • Keep communism where it is!
  • No spreading!!
  • Marshall Plan = $$$ to nations to keep communism away.