St. Lucia

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St. Lucia

St. Lucia is a country located in Latin America. Saint Lucia's official language is English. ST. Lucia is located in the Caribbean.

History of St. Lucia

Saint Lucia was controlled by England. St. Lucia was gained it's independence in 1979. Saint Lucia was founded by the French and Britain who argued on who own it.
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Saint Lucia's Flag, Capital-Cities, and Tourism

St. Lucia's flag is blue, yellow, black, and white. The capital is Castries. Four major cities in St. Lucia are Bisee, Vieux Fort, Micoud, and Soufiere. Tourism/popular places in Saint Lucia are places like Anse Resort which is a resort with two beaches. Another attraction is Pigeon Island, also Halcyon Beach which is made within a resort. Plus, St. Lucia has many activities like snorkeling, visiting birds and nature life, and trying their nice food.
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Saint Lucia: Geography, Currency, and Government

Saint Lucia's currency is called East Caribbean Dollar. St. Lucia's economic system is Communist. St. Lucia has geography places like mountains: Mount Gime, volcano's: Sourfrier Hills Volcano , waterfalls, and beaches.
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Interesting Facts

- St. Lucia is the second largest of the Windward Islands located in the eastern Caribbean Sea.

- A St. Lucia is also known has a honeymoon island.

- Over 80% of the popular St. Lucia package are cruise based.

- Both France and England continuously struggled to establish sole control over St Lucia throughout the 17th and early 18th centuries!

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Why You Should Come.

You should visit St. Lucia because of the beautiful places and activities to do. Also, because they have many things for kids, family, and a couple.