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Week of February 8th

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Enjoying reading Choose Your Own Adventure books!



As we move forward with our unit on measurement, we will study the customary units of volume and weight. We will also learn about perimeter and area. The students will get a chance to create a classroom zoo by using area and perimeter to design the animals' enclosures. This week will complete our measurement lessons. Your child will come home with a study guide Friday. The math test will be NEXT week, Thursday, February 18th.


Some of our students have completed their final product of their persuasive letter. You may have already received a letter from your child! Monday we will wrap up our publishing of the letters. Students will then write the post on-demand assessment for our persuasive unit. This writing task is given to the students at the end of each unit to assess what the students can produce during one writing session. Throughout the unit, students are supported through modeling, conferences, and peer editing. The post on-demand allows me to see what they can apply to their own writing without assistance.

The persuasive letters were written in a five paragraph essay format. This structure really helps students organize their writing with an introduction, three body paragraphs including reasons and details, and a conclusion. Our next unit will again focus on writing a five paragraph essay with the focus being on what students want to be when they grow up.


This week we will wrap up our informational unit. Students will finish up their study on text structure with a focus on topic specific vocabulary words to teach others. The class will take a test on informational text structure on Friday.

Social Studies:

Our next unit of study is government, which is perfect timing with our field trip to the state capital next month! This week we will discuss the purpose of government and take a closer look at the Preamble to the Constitution.


Students will investigate the effect of the sun's energy by comparing the temperature of soil placed in the shade and placed in the sunlight.

Exploring Math Stations!

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Teacher Notes

Valentine's Day Party - Our class party will take place on Friday from 2:00-3:00. Your child will come home with a class list on Monday so that they are able to write out Valentine's if they choose to. Remember that candy should be nut and tree nut free. I look forward to having fun with the class!

Lansing Field Trip - Please make sure your child has turned in their permission slip and $4.00 for the trip on March 17th. If you are interested in attending the field trip, check the box on the bottom of the permission slip that states you would like to chaperone. Due to the amount of students and restrictions for the Capital building, we only allowed two parents per class. One of our parents, Martha Papp is one of the chaperones, she won the raffle at the family picnic back in September. I will put all names of the parents who are interested in a hat to pick the second chaperone.

Black History Month - February is Black History Month! This week we will explore the life of George Washington Carver. After reading, discussing and viewing a video about Carver, students will be asked to complete a project of their choice, inspired by an aspect of Carver's life. This project is to be completed at home. Your child will come home with more information on Monday.

Math Support -

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Publishing Persuasive Letters

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Dates to Remember

No School-

February 15th & 16th Mid-Winter Break

Late Start -

February 10th & February 24th

Music Concert-

February 11th @ 7pm