Demonstration of Skills (Rich Task)

Mandisa Lau at Diabetes Care Centre, Credit Valley Hospital


Time of Demo:

10:00 AM

Description of Activity: Preparing for the Pediatric Clinic

I chose this task because preparing for the pediatric clinic allows me to learn and utilize a different computer program such as meditech. This task also requires some of the essential skills I've acquired, such as computer use , verbal communication and writing skills. In addition to the gestational diabetes class and the regular clinics, many of our patients belong to the pediatric unit, which is why it's extremely important to properly prepare for this clinic. This clinic typically runs every Tuesday and Thursday. During this demonstration, I will walk you through the different steps and explain why they are essential for the running of the program.

Required Materials

  • Work Area
  • Pen
  • White out
  • Pediatric charts
  • Sheets (appointment sheet, and next appointment sheet)
  • Stapler
  • Staple remover
  • Computer
  • Printer

Special instructions for Co-op Teacher

Please wear business casual as well as closed toe shoes.

Signature of Placement Supervisor