Christopher Columbus

by: Mia Pinsonault

Why did he go

  • He hoped to find a route to India

  • Beleived that he could reach Asia by sailing west instead of east around Africa

  • He wanted to trade for spices

  • Spices were important because they:

    • Flavored food

    • Preserved food

    • Became very expensive after Arab middleman shipped them to Europe

What issues did he have on the way there?

  • There was harsh weather and people

  • 3 ships got wrecked and destroyed

  • The people on the ships had diseases that spread to other people on the ship which caused a lot of deaths

  • There supply of food and water was very low

What controversies are there over Columbus?

  • He was not the first person to get to the Americas

  • He went West instead of East

  • He did not plan on going to the Americas he wanted to go to Asia