K5C Friday Features

Weekly Newsletter February 12

LET'S RRREAD! is coming to an end

We did it!!! We reached our goal for 100% class participation last week! Many thanks for your diligence and help. Let's work to accomplish that again for our final week. In order for the children to receive their fifth and final sticker for their button and receive a prize, the red slip for this week of reading for 25 minutes must be filled out and signed and returned to the office on Monday, February 15 by 3:30. Of course, you are welcome to include it in the returned Friday folder. I will be looking for those red slips! Reading less than 25 minutes will not count toward the contest and slips returned after 3:30 on Monday are not eligible.

If the children are working toward Six Flags, those forms should also be filled out and turned in on Monday as well.

Bible News

We continued to learn about the miracles of Jesus at the wedding of Cana and healing the nobleman’s son. We emphasized that He is the Son of God. He has power to heal people and do miracles, but the greatest thing He can do is change our lives when we accept Him as Savior.

Memory Verse: John 10:30 and Hebrews 13:6

Character Trait: Order - everything in its place

Language Arts News

Our phonics lessons included a story about some missionaries that took the Gospel to Spain. We heard about their project “Count the Stars” as they prayed for God to give them a farm to use for Him and saw God’s wonderful answer. Some of our children may be called to be missionaries to another country to share Jesus. What an exciting thought!

For Homework Review:

Focusing on the word family strips will make a big difference in our reading progress! Using those 10 minutes of "homework time" on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings will be beneficial. Weekly review of all of our service words, especially our newer ones is also helpful. Thank you for your faithfulness in helping your child practice reading each week.

Consonant digraphs: th and wh (Digraphs are letters that together make ONE sound. They may be located at the beginning or end of words.)

Word Families:

th as in thistle and teeth

wh as in whistle and whale

Reader: The Big Clam (in Friday folder)

Service Word: have, Bible (in folder)

New Phonics Stories: A Big Fish and A Trip (in Friday folder)

Math News

We began our subtraction unit. The students will meet various pond creatures such as ducks, turtles, worms, beavers and dragonflies in word problems to make learning basic subtraction fun.

We are reviewing counting to 100 by 1's and 10's.

We are working on the 40 decade and the number that comes before, after, or between.

Place value continues to an important skill we are mastering.

Share Day

Friday, February 19: Something from another state


Any video or pictures that are sent to you are for your personal enjoyment. For the safety of our students, we ask that they not be posted online or distributed in any way.

Thank you for your kind understanding.