Between the Bookends

August 2015

Welcome Back!

Well, we are officially up and running! With the smell of new notebooks and pencil shavings in the air, the new school year abounds with promise!

As you look ahead, you might be adding things to a "to-do" list that you want to tackle this year. An item I have added to my list is this newsletter. It will be my goal to send out a newsletter with the latest happenings in the library. I plan to highlight lessons, new books in the collection, and maybe a tech idea or two if I have them to share!

I hope to make this a monthly venture, but please understand if I fall a little short on that part of the goal. It is a work in progress!

So, I hope you take a minute to surf through these when you receive the link!

Your friendly neighborhood librarian - here to help!

I want to thank everyone for the time you took during your beginning of the year PYP meetings to give me some areas where the library can be of help to your classroom curriculum!

The line from Jerry McGuire says "Help me, help you!" And while the situations are a bit different, the sentiment is the same - I want to know how I can be more helpful to you! Last year, I spent time getting acclimated, getting my feet wet and my wits about me. This year, I'm jumping in!

Here are just a few ways the library can be a tool to extend the work you do in the classroom:

  • Books and so much more! Sure we've got books, and our collection is growing, but we have online tools too! Students need to research? Let me use their library time for to accomplish that research! I can reinforce the skills I teach, while guiding them to good databases and websites to meet their needs!
  • Did you say online tools? Why yes, yes I did! We have a new product called WebPath Express. This handy new tool can be access through Destiny (our online catalog) and takes searching to a whole new level! Through our Destiny catalog we can now search for reliable websites in one click! Take that, Google! As they tackle research, I'll be demonstrating this new feature to our students. If you would like your own training, I'm happy to come to your PLC meetings to show you one-on-one!
  • Great, new technology...who has the time?!? I know, right! Like you need one more thing! Well, let me tackle that one more thing for you! Need a quick list of reliable websites for your students? Let me make a Pathfinder for them! I can put together sites based on your topic and post to the Library webpage for easy access!

Library Lessons for August/September

Kindergarten - I'm so excited to welcome our new kinder friends to the library! We'll be doing plenty of read-alouds that will introduce them to the library. They'll be seasoned professionals in no time!

First Grade - This crew knows how we roll in the library! With a little review, we'll shake those summer cobwebs and be ready to learn more about how the library is organized and how to find our favorite authors and topics!

Second Grade - We're stepping it up in Second Grade! As seasoned veterans in how the library operates, we're going to dive right into how it is organized and start to learn how to become research ready!

Third & Fourth Grades - These students will kick off the year by creating their own Kahoot game to review their library skills! Classes will be broken into groups and assigned a particular area of the library. Students will attempt to stump each other with their library knowledge! You will see through the year that these two grades will often be on the same page or paralleling each other. The goal is to get students into research in 3rd grade and enabling them to practice and refine their research skills in 4th grade.

10,000 Book Challenge!

I'll be sharing our 10,000 Book Challenge with students during their library visits in the next couple of weeks! Make sure you are keeping track of any classroom read-alouds! Also, the chart is up in the library to start recording our Staff reading! Come on down and add your name to the list!

Looking for a read-aloud to help with the Challenge? Check out these new titles in our Library!

Golden Book Award 2.0

This year it is back and BIGGER than ever! I received an email from the Chief Golden Book Elf herself, and she said that the elves attended a conference this summer and came back with some great new ideas to up our Golden Book game! As soon as I get all the details, I'll be sharing the exciting news with our students and you!

Techie Tool of the Month

Like the format of this newsletter? Just like those tasty summer treats, this sweet tool is called Smore. If you are looking for a sassy new way to share your classroom news or maybe just a new format for a student project, give it a try! I'll be giving a quick demo at our September faculty meeting.

Stay Funky!

Bruno Mars Uptown Funk Parody: Unread Book