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Nuclear Engineer

What a Nuclear Engineer does.

Nuclear Engineers harness the power of an atom to solve thte worlds large and difficult problems facing humanity.

What Education and skills

To become a nuclear engineer you need a bachelor degree in nuclear engineering. You also need to be creative to think of ways to help, you also need to be precise so you don't mess up alot.

Cool Facts

A cool fact about being a nuclear engineer is you get to help help generate power that helps many people around the world. Think about it hospitals save lives but how do the hospitals get power, maybe from a nuclear power plant.

Anual salary and projected job growth.

the anual salary of a nuclear engineer is $101,930. the average projected job growth is 7% to 13% in ten years.
Nuclear Engineering A Fulfilling Career

Companies that will hire you

Companies that hire nuclear engineers are,Westinghouse, Idaho National Labrotory, siemens,  and Northrop gumman.