Sound & Light Poetry

Transmedia poems by Barrow Fourth-graders

About Our Poetry

Students used their science standard for light and sound as inspiration:

S4P1. Students will investigate the nature of light using tools such as mirrors, lenses, and


a. Identify materials that are transparent, opaque, and translucent.

b. Investigate the reflection of light using a mirror and a light source.

c. Identify the physical attributes of a convex lens, a concave lens, and a prism and

where each is used.

S4P2. Students will demonstrate how sound is produced by vibrating objects and how sound

can be varied by changing the rate of vibration.

a. Investigate how sound is produced.

b. Recognize the conditions that cause pitch to vary.

They also explored mentor poems that demonstrated various forms of figurative language: personification, onomatopoeia, similes, and metaphors. Using Google Docs, they crafted a poem. To make their final products, they used Thinglink to create an interactive picture that linked to their poem, a video of them reading their poem, and possibly informational text about the poem's subject.