4th Grade News

May 9th, 2016


Please ask your child if he or she has headphones at school. They don't have to be expensive, but we use our chromebooks every day, and students need a pair.

Project Update

Today at noon (Monday, 5/9/16), our Community Partner, Kelly Wilson, will be coming in to kick off our 3rd/4th Grade end of year project. We are excited to get started with this!

Tomorrow afternoon (Tuesday, 5/10), he and I will be taking the project managers down to City Hall to conduct a Mayor/panel interview for his design idea.

We will be walking to his studio this week to start on the design. Mr. Shipley's class will go on Wednesday morning and Ms. Cook's class will go on Friday morning.

Homework - Math tips Below

- The homework in linked to our Newsletter and Homework page.

- You can also go here: https://www.ixl.com/ , click 4th grade, and login

- Check the top middle of the screen to make sure you don't see a red/white Canadian flag. If you do, change to USA.

- You can also get to this link from our Websites for class bcsc page.

Classroom Needs:

We still could use several boxes of pencils. The students go through these VERY quickly! Thanks so much to the families who have donated a few boxes already!

Birthdays This Week:

Derek Davis

Colt's Camp 2016 (See Photos Below)