Crittenden's Critters

Weekly Updates from Room 158

Dates to Remember

*May 4-May 9- Teacher Appreciation Week

*Monday, May 4- Last Day for Monday Afterschool Arts Classes!

*Tuesday, May 5 - Claxton Parent Meeting- ALL PARENTS WELCOME- (6:00-7:00 PM in the Media Center)

*Wednesday, May 6- Last Day for Wednesday Afterschool Arts Classes!

*Wednesday, May 6- Walk/Bike to School Day!

*Thursday, May 7- Midterms Go Home

*Friday, May 8- SPIRIT DAY: Claxton Colors!

*Tuesday, May 12- K-2 Field Day!

*Tuesday, May 12- Last Day for Tuesday Afterschool Arts Classes!

*Friday, May 15- SPIRIT DAY: Tye Dye Day!

Spring International Walk/Bike to School Day!

International Walk/Bike to School Day promotes physical activity among students. THIS WEDNESDAY, May 6th is International Walk/Bike to School Day! If your child already walks or bikes to school, we ask that they do the same on May 6th. For all students and parents who are interested in participating in the Walk/Bike who do not live in walking distance of the school can meet at two locations: the parking lot at Weaver Park, or in the parking lot at Fuddruckers on Charlotte St. Staff members will be at both locations by 7:15. We will leave both locations at 7:30 en route to Claxton. I will be at the Weaver Park location ready to walk with students! Please join us for this great opportunity for your child to fit a little more physical activity into their day :)

Help Us Fill the Rest of Our Mystery Reader Spots for the Year!

I would like to send a HUGE thank you to all of the parents, grandparents and teachers who have volunteered to be our Mystery Reader! The kids absolutely LOVE this activity and look forward to it all week! Thanks to you, we have had a Mystery Reader ALMOST every Friday this year! That's a lot of volunteers! You all are amazing :)

That being said, I need your help in filling our last few weeks of Mystery Reader spots! I am in need of Readers for May 8, 15, 22 and June 5th! If you think you could volunteer, or if you know of someone who would like to, please just let me know!

Please follow this link to sign up to be a Mystery Reader!

Read to Feed is On!

On Thursday, I introduced to students the program Read to Feed! We are raising money to help provide a family across the world with a natural resource to help their family sustain themselves, save money and possibly send their children to school. Just like our Fun Run, students will ask for pledges for the amount of minutes read every day. Their nightly reading will count every day! Unlike the Fun Run, there are no prizes. I will be explaining that instead of getting prizes to feel good about what we are doing, we are helping a family in need in a different country! We will feel good knowing that we are being citizens of the world and contributing to the family's well-being.

We will be collecting the money for our cause on Friday, May 15th, on our last day for Read to Feed. We have decided as a class to try to reach a goal of $120 to purchase a goat for a family in need! Our class read a book called Beatrice's Goat this week that helped explain to them the importance of this gift that we are giving. I think that this will be a great learning experience for the kids to help them to remember that they are citizens of the world and how important it is to care for each other.

I have set up a secure fundraising website through Heifer International! Follow this link to our class fundraising website! Our goal is to raise $120 to buy a goat for a family in need. This goat will provide the family with milk that they can sell at market and save money to send their children to school. Thank you for contributing to our class cause :).

Weekly Curriculum Update

MATH- This week we will be continuing to work on skip counting, particularly with 10's. Students will be practicing counting by 10's and also mentally adding or subtracting tens from a given number. This is an important math skill to build and practice. We will be practicing first with visuals (tens bars) and then working with mental math. You can help reinforce this concept at home by asking your child what 10 less or 10 more of a number is. For example, what is ten less than 40 or 73? Encourage them to think about the 4 with groups of tens and leave the ones place alone! If you have any questions about how to practice this skill, please let me know :).

FUNDATIONS- We are now in Week 2 of Unit 12, which introduces multi-syllabic words. Students practiced dividing the word into its parts of syllables last week. We learned that in words that have two vowels that are separated by two consonants, we separate them between the two consonants. For example, CATNIP has an A and an I that are separated by the TN. Since there are two consonants, we separate the word into CAT, NIP. The words that we worked with last week were all made up of closed syllables. This week they will be learning about multi-syllabic words that are made up of closed syllables AND vowel-consonant-e syllables. Completing the Fundations homework is VITAL to student success in the last few units in first grade. Thank you for helping them complete this homework to reinforce the concepts we are learning in Fundations.

READING- We will be continuing our study of Folk Tales and Fairy Tales this week during reading. We will be discussing elements of a Folk/Fairy Tale and we will be answering key detail questions about the texts that we are reading. We will be working on answering comprehension questions in written form to practice to for our End of Year MCLASS Benchmark assessments for reading.

WRITING- This week, we will be shifting our focus in writing back to narrative story writing. We will focus on creating a beginning, middle and end for our stories. We will also continue to go back and edit or "fix up" our writing so that it is the best it can be! Students will be concentrating on the grammar of their writing and whether or not their story reads the way that they want it to read!

SCIENCE- This week we will be continuing our study of plant life and the plant life cycle. Students will get to experience elements of plant life and characteristics of plants hands on while we plant our Fairy Garden for our Container Contest. We also are still observing our sunflower seedlings! They are almost ready to be transplanted to our bed on the K-1 playground!

SOCIAL STUDIES- We will be continuing to learn about what a citizen is and how we can be responsible citizens of our world.