Stevie Wonder

Soul Music


Born May 13, 1950 Stevie Wonder was blind. When Wonder was four, his mom divorced his dad and they moved to Detroit. Once he got to Detroit he started to learn the piano, drums and harmonica. He signed to Motown Records at the age of 11. Over the many years at Motown, Wonder came out with many songs. The song "Fngertips Pt. 2" made him very popular because audiences loved to watch him preform it. He won 25 Grammy awards for songs such as "So Amazing", "From the Bottom of my Heart", and "St. Louis Blues". He also has made Americas top ten chart 30 times. in 2013, Stevie was put into the 6th spot on the all time to artist list. With all of his accomplishments, he continues shaping the music industry.

Event that propelled him into fame

Wonder auditioned for Berry Gordy Jr. of Mowtown Records. Once he signed, he found many mentors and eventually came out with his breakout single "Fingertips Pt. 2". This song raised his popularity.



"Happy birthday"

"Master Blaster"

"Sir Duke"


Hotter than July

For Once in My Life

Talikng book

The Woman in Red

Characteristics of Soul Music

Many different types, but most types include one or two brass instruments.

It has gospel style of music with a rock twist.

Focuses on segregation and race issues

African American artists


  • S- Main Vocals, Drum set, Trumpet, Bass, Guitar, keyboard, Bongos, Back up vocals
  • H- Drum set, Trumpet, Bass, Guitar, keyboard, Bongos, Back up vocals
  • M-Main Vocals
  • R- Moderate in 4
  • G- Moderate Loud Moderate hill
  • Intro, Verse 1, chorus, Verse 2, Chorus, Verse 3, interlude, Bridge, Outro


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