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August 5th Newsletter

So Much Exciting News!

Hello Everyone!!! I could not resist the sweet corn in the background as we live on my husband's family's vegetable farm! We have sweet corn growing all around our yard! Sadly I am realizing as I am writing this I have not gone out and picked any to have yet! As we have so many new programs and news lately I am going to increase the frequency of our Newsletter for a while. I know you are all wanting as much information as possible to GROW this fall!

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72 Pages of Perfection!

The answers you have all been needing! Check out today's version of The Hoot!

Sooo many new collections! Sooo many new stories to tell!

Where do we start? Our fall 2014 Take Out Menu (TOM) is overflowing with exciting new collections and beautiful pieces—your Jewelry Bar guests will be able to tell their stories in amazing new ways!

There’s sooo much to share that we needed 72 pages to fit it all in—like the new CORE™ and Bridal Collections, Crystals by Swarovski®, Lanyard Lockets and Leather Wrap Bracelets. We’ve also designed a bunch of new Charms, Twist Locket Bases and Faces, Dangles, Chains and more. You’ve gotta see it all to believe it!

You can start ordering your fall 2014 Take Out Menus this Thursday, August 7, 2014 at 3:00 p.m. (EST). Like always, they’ll be available in the Back Office. Packages of 20 Take Out Menus can be purchased for only $12.00, and we’ll begin shipping your orders the following Monday, August 11, 2014. We’ll begin taking Jewelry Orders from the new Take Out Menu on August 18, 2014.

When your new Take Out Menus arrive, take a peek at the back cover. Because we’ve not only designed more than 300 new pieces of jewelry, we’ve also created fun, happy new packaging that’s true to our O2 style!

We can’t wait to see these new collections build excitement and build your business! Hello dreams, here we come!

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How am I going to incorporate all this new jewelry into my business?

With over 300 new pieces, some may be a bit overwhelmed even though your excitement is sky high! How will you incorporate that much more jewelry?!

I am going to share what works for me and you can make your own decisions:) Myself and most designers in my area, as well as most of my first line leaders all do order parties. This concept has scared many in the past because of the "my customers want instant gratification" or "I sell more when I have stock". While I do carry stock at home for many single private orders or last minute phone calls and some vendor shows, my Jewelry Bars are order only. How has this been working for us doing this? Amazing! The benefits: you are making profit right away and seeing a consistent profit on your Jewelry Bars. Instead of continually reinvesting some of your profit to build your stock and then have a bunch of stock that you may have guessed wrong on when ordering (Yes, I too have stashes of flip flop charms, chocolate lockets, etc from when I did cash and carry!) you are putting your profits right into your bank account. This is especially so crucial for new designers to see that this can be a great income producing business instead of worrying about stock. Imagine with 300 new pieces coming out - trying to build stock for all of that.

I know my leaders that do order parties will back me when I say I have actually had the same amount of party sales for most parties or even higher sales. Sure, I may occasionally be missing an impulse buyer, but I don't consider myself out anything when I am not sitting on hundreds of dollars of stock. I also have had an increase of new designers wanting to join because they see that this is duplicable and easy to do! I found it interesting that my new designers were having so much success with just the items in their starter kits, so a while ago I experimented. I had two parties in the same area, during the same week, with the same amount of guests in attendance. So I used my stock and did one party as a make and take party and the other as an order party. Here is what happened! My order party had $300 more in sales and more Jewelry Bars scheduled. I also scaled back my display as this is something another company I was with in the past always taught. Less is more. Guests are completely overwhelmed when you have everything on your table. They don't know where to begin and their creativity shuts down. I have even had guests that said "I am going to take the book home and think about what I want - it is too hard to choose." I never received orders from them. I display just three necklaces and a few bracelets and earrings. I tend to put the higher priced and trendy, most popular pieces on my table. Guests know to look through the catalog to find the less expensive pieces if that is what they need. How many social selling parties have you gone too where you are trolling the catalog looking for the $20 item :) I do try to have one of each of the charms because people like to see those, and one of each style of locket (not every color of each style). Then they can play with the lockets and charms and one of each style of chain, but not be overwhelmed with so many pieces. I have experimented even further lately and it seems like the more I cut my display back the better my Jewelry Bars are doing. Plus, I can fit everything into two medium sized bags that are easy to carry! With the new Mobile Jewelry Bars - this will be stylish too!!! This shows my hostesses and guests how easy our jobs are!

So with all of these amazing new collections, my strategy will be to choose a few key pieces to add to my display and utilize the Take Out Menu! I know it is going to be a rockin fall!