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Important updates for Spring 2021

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Message from the Principal

Thank you for choosing our PAVE virtual school option for the spring semester. We understand and appreciate the difficulties this year has created for many students and our families. We are happy we can provide this learning option for our students as we continue to navigate the pandemic and its impact on school and learning. We have learned much from our fall semester and have enacted some changes to better support our virtual students this spring.

Please take the time to read below these changes and how they will impact students. They include specific attendance requirements through scheduled google meets, weekly advisory meetings (via google meet) with virtual advisors, and specific requirements for students who opt for a blended learning platform. Also linked below are copies of the PAVE handbook, PAVE contract all students/parents have signed, and a list of PAVE teachers and virtual coaches along with the subjects they teach and emails.

Please take special notice of the section of the PAVE handbook that details school policy regarding academic integrity and plagiarism. This section is located on page 6-7 of the PAVE Handbook (linked below). I've also copied the section and linked it below in this newsletter. All students and parents who have opted for PAVE enrollment should be fully aware of school policy regarding academic integrity and plagiarism particularly regarding online learning.

We have learned much from our initial experience with online learning the fall semester. Quite frankly the pandemic forced all of us outside of our educational comfort zone this fall. We have worked hard to improve our processes and remain committed to serving our students and parents to the best of our ability.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have specific questions.

Thank you,


Jason Sanders

Principal, Purcell High School

405-442-0099 ext. 505

PAVE Mission Statement

The mission of virtual and blended learning at Purcell Public Schools is to provide students with a high quality and successful virtual experience that meets their individual needs, provide rigorous and relevant coursework, and prepares students to succeed in virtual learning platforms for work and/or postsecondary education.

New Spring Guidelines for PAVE (virtual students)

1. Orientation Week

  • Students will communicate this week with their virtual advisors and individual teachers regarding class meeting times, new spring expectations, and elective schedule requests and changes. Students will receive direct communication from virtual teachers and advisors regarding class enrollments, starting times for lessons, required class meeting times, mandatory in-person testing for blended students, etc. Virtual students should begin checking emails, reminds, etc on Tuesday, January 5th.


  • All PAVE students are assigned a virtual coach/advisor. This advisor will either be Mr. Sikes or Mr. Dillard. It is the responsibility of the advisor to monitor the student's progress, coordinate help with PAVE core subject teachers and counselor, and refer students not adhering to PAVE expectations to either principal or school counselor.
  • Additionally each PAVE student will meet weekly with their advisor during our new 3M Advisory Period. These meetings will occur on Tuesdays either before or after lunch. The 3M Advisory period schedule will be released next week. PAVE virtual students will meet with their assigned Advisor on Google Meet.
  • Either Mr. Sikes or Mr. Dillard will make contact with their PAVE students during the first week of the 2nd semester. Week of January 5th.
  • PAVE students should always contact their Virtual Advisor if assistance is needed logging into Odysseyware, opening of coursework, etc.
  • Please contact the main office if technical assistance is needed with computer or internet access.

3. Virtual Class Meetings

  • Every PAVE student will be expected to attend class meetings twice weekly with each core teacher. These meetings will be conducted during regularly scheduled PL class meetings. Virtual students will have the opportunity to attend these meetings virtually via Google Meet. Each PAVE virtual student will receive information from their core subject (English, Math, Science, and Social Studies) teachers regarding the specific times of each meeting. PL class meetings are conducted twice weekly with the days based upon grade level.
  • PAVE students will have the opportunity to attend in-class meetings during scheduled PL class meeting times through arrangements with individual core teachers. We understand some students may need in-person help in certain subjects.
  • Attendance at Virtual Class Meetings is mandatory (see attendance policy below.)


  • The attendance policy in the PAVE student/parent handbook has not been changed. We provided significant flexibility for virtual students during the fall semester as we all adjusted to the demands of a pandemic and a new learning platform. We will proactively monitor and enforce attendance policies for virtual students during the spring semester and expect adherence to the weekly scheduled virtual meetings for each PAVE student.
  • PAVE virtual students are required to attend their twice weekly Google meet with each core subject (see above). Additionally, each PAVE student is expected to attend their weekly 3M advisory Google meet with their virtual advisor.
  • Students that fail to attend required weekly meetings will be counted absent.
  • It is the students responsibility to contact their teacher by email if they are unable to attend any virtual meeting. Students should contact their teacher through school email.

5. Blended Options

  • Students who opt for a blended learning option (both in-class and virtual) may only attend either Band or Athletics period in person. For example, blended students are students who attend athletics and/or band in person while taking all other classes online.
  • Blended students may only attend in-person school for Band or Athletics. Students must be off-campus all other times. The only exception would be through arrangement with individual core subject teachers to attend in-person class meetings.
  • Core teachers can require blended students to attend in-person class meetings to take tests. Individual teachers will communicate this expectation with each class. This is at the discretion of each virtual teacher.

6. Spring Semester Deadlines

  • All spring enrollments are finalized Friday, January 15th. Students may not change their learning platform after the 1/15/21 deadline. All PAVE students will remain in virtual learning for the remainder of the year.
  • Traditional/PL students may not opt for virtual learning after 1/15/21 without the approval of building principal. Changes to PAVE virtual learning after 1/15/21 would be approved only under special circumstances that necessitated the change for the best interest of the student.
  • Bottom line: All students are locked into their learning platform of choice after 1/15/21 unless special circumstances warrant a change.

Academic Integrity and Plagiarism

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PAVE STAFF: Administrator, Advisors, Core Teachers

List of PAVE staff and links to emails and phone numbers

PAVE Parent/Student Handbook

Virtual School Information and Guidelines

PAVE Virtual School Agreement/Contract

Required contracts for all students attending PAVE Virtual School