Technology in the Gifted Classrom

A 21st Century Learner who Incorporates Depth and Complexity

SAMR Model + Technology = 21st Century Learning!!!

SAMR in 120 Seconds

Connection: SAMR is like Bloom's Taxonomy for technology!!!

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Communication: (noun) the imparting or exchanging of information or news.

Technology sites and apps that are great for communication:

Google Classroom - Learning Managment System

*Elementary log in: s(students id#) : password:12345678

**Does not include parents, but you could give the parents their student's information and they could log in on the students account to see assignments/grades/due dates.

Edmodo - Learning Managment System (Incorporates PARENTS!)

Video Conferencing - With other students/parents locally or world-wide

*Mystery Skype

*Virtual Field Trips (with discussion)

Plickers - Communication between Student and Teacher on immediate comprehesion

Socrative - Real time communication with student on immediate comprehension

Remind 101 - Communication tool among students and family

Class Dojo - Communication tool among students and family including behavior


Collaboration: (noun) the action of working with someone to produce or create something.

Technology sites and apps that are great for collaboration:

TodaysMeet - Similar to a chat room discussion on the topic of teacher/student choice

Twitter - A communication and collaboration tool combined in the classroom!

CNN: Twitter has place in classroom
Padlet - Collaboration and communication tool!

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking: (noun) the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgment.

Technology sites and apps that are great for critical thinking:

Wonderopolis - Website to spark critical thinking from others (and their own) "wonder."

Pixelpress - "Design thinking"

Scratch - Coding sites/app

Code - Coding site/apps

Newsela - Current news articles with questions and the ability to choose lexile level.

101questions - Pictures and videos to spark questions.


Creativity: (noun) the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.

Technology sites and apps that are great for creativity:

Weebly - Website creator

Book Creator - App to create books

PowToon -

How to Easily Make Animated Videos for Work - Animated Videos
Canva - Infographic making app

iMovie - Book Trailers and video app

Shadow Puppet - Video creator

Adobe Voice - Presentation tool*

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The EXPLANATION of content within a discipline to include analyzing from the concrete to the abstract, familiar to the unfamiliar, known to the unknown; exploring the discipline by going beyond facts and concepts into generalizations, principles, theories, laws; investigating the layers of experience within a discipline through details, patterns, trends, unanswered questions, and/or ethical considerations.


The EXTENSION of content in, between, and across disciplines through the study of themes, problems, and issues; seeing relationships between and among ideas in/within the topic, discipline, and disciplines; examining relationships in, between, and across disciplines, the changes over time, and vision from multiple perspectives.


Combining Some Depth and Complexity with Technology

Language of the Discipline

The lips represent specialized language related to a topic or concept. This language includes key words, phrases, signs/symbols, figures of speech, abbreviations, and the like.


Details contain the information that enhance understanding. They act as supporting information to a big idea or concept (main idea).


Explore Sherry McElhannon's smores that have been created to find different techniques to fuse reading, writing, and history with technology.

Visit her and her partner Jessica's website to get app and book reviews.

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