of the 1950´s

Road Systems

What: Local state and government constructed roads linking major cities.

Time Period: 1950-1960

Location: Throughout U.S.

Cause: Suburban living became more popular, and more people had cars.

Reason: People needed a way to get to work and big cities.

Result: President Eisenhower signed the Interstate Highway Act in 1956, which authorized the building of a nationwide highway network.

Significance: More people moved to suburban areas, and the car industry boomed.

To Whom: The everyday, average american.

Termination Policy

What: Eliminated federal economic support, discontinued the reservation system, and distributed tribal lands.

Time Period: 1953

Location: Throughout U.S.

Cause: The government announced that it would give up responsibility for Native tribes.

Reason: They didn't want to be responsible for them.

Result: 35,000 Natives were relocated to urban areas by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Significance: It was abandoned in 1963 because many Natives were poor, couldn't find jobs, had no medical care, and suffered from racial prejudice.

To Whom: Native Americans of the U.S.