Canadian teen obesity

The growth of teen obesity in Canada

Quote from the article

“Committee MPs said they were "shocked" to learn about the increase in overweight children, from 12 per cent to 18 per cent, and obese children, from three per cent to eight per cent, between 1978 and 2004. For the first time the country's younger generations are expected to live shorter lives than their parents because of obesity, says a new Commons committee report made public yesterday.”

My opinion

I feel that this not really a shock to me because technology is taking over everyone and kids sacrifice homework,sleep and physical activity just to use their phones and laptops. Teenagers on average spend up to 9 hours a day on technology. Also a lot of parents get kids unhealthy snacks and kids love to snack on cookies and chips I feel that parents shouldn't buy to much unhealthy snacks because if the parents do they will eat unhealthy things which also contributes to weight gain. So pretty much right after school they just spend their time at home eating food at looking at the screen all day. This is really bad because they are not active and the people who do this will get worse marks in school because when you review the work you do you will understand the topic more and will more likely to get a better mark if you don't do homework. Also if you stay home all day some or most kids my age if they are at home for a long time they go on their devices and just eat unhealthy snacks because they are bored. Doing things like this contributes a lot with obesity. I am not saying stop technology because it is never leaving but I am saying that people should be more active and and review their school work before going online just for entertainment purposes.

In conclusion

People especially teens should be more active and eat healthy snacks so childhood obesity would be stopped. Instead of using technology up to 9 hours a day you can subtract at least 1 hour and play sports like swimming,soccer,football,basketball etc. Also kids should also focus on their school work so they can get good marks and feel good about themselves so they could live a healthy lifestyle.