by Ellie Binder

What is mitosis?

Mitosis is simply the act of cells splitting apart. Mitosis happens when a cell dies. The daughter cells have the same amount of chromosomes as the parent cell. This type of reproduction helps bodily tissue to carry out necessary life functions.
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Interphase is the first step in cell mitosis. Chromosomes within the cell duplicare. The copies are still attached to one another inside the cell.


Prophase is the second stage in cell mitosis. This is the stage where the chromosomes become visible. A spindle forms inside the cytoplasm.


Prometaphase is the third stage in cell mitosis. Protophase means that the nuclear membrane begins to split apart. The spindle begins to make connections with the chromosomes.


Metaphase is the fourth stage in cell mitosis. The chromosomes begin to align with the spindle.


This is the fifth stage in cell reproduction. The chromosomes begin to divide into two separate groups at opposite sides of the cell.


This is the sixth stage of cell mitosis. A membrane begins to form around the groups of chromosomes. The spindle disappears.


This is the final stage of cell mitosis. The cell splits into two daughter cells.